What Makes Cross Tattoos So Popular?

by Simon Morris.. - Date: 2008-05-12 - Word Count: 395 Share This!

Despite some young teenagers hiding a new 'ink stain' on their skin from their parents, tattoos have entered our society's mainstream and are here to stay. Seen now as an art form people no longer have to venture down dark alleys to find a tattoo artist and risk ending up regretting their decision.

Over the decades and for a vast majority of people, the cross tattoo has been the design of choice. And they have not just chosen two black lines crossing over one another, some have magnificent designs in amazing colors covering entire body parts.

People who have decided to create works of art with their tattoos very often have some idea of what the entire design will look like before they get started. They will then take their time in having it completed usually based on either what their body can tolerate or on a money factor as some designs can be really expensive.

'Getting inked' is a term used in the tattoo circles to describe the act of having a tattoo etched into the skin. A tattoo can mean so much to the person getting it that it changes their life in some way or another. A tattoo has been known to give a person a sense of belonging.

There are those who would go as far as to confess they have a secret obsession with how getting a tattoo makes them feel. And it's not necessarily got anything to do with enjoying pain.

There are many who make their cross tattoo choice based solely on their religious beliefs. Deciding on a tattoo is a very personal choice. It doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to understand that someone would ink a permanent reflection of their belief, into their skin, for the world to see.

Then there are those tattoos that belong to certain tribes or religious organizations. Some cross tattoos are actually not what they appear and if you look close enough, the crossed lines are actually crossed swords depicting something maybe a little darker. There are also those who may or may not have any religious beliefs but who will have the cross tattoo placed upside down on their skin.

Celtic cross tattoos are a very popular choice and have been for many years. The combination of its mysterious history and the elaborate designs one can choose from make it a preference for unique body art.

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