Q6000a or Q2612a - Choose the Best According to Your Needs

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Printers have a history as old as computers themselves. This is because all the processed data that is stored in a computer need to go on paper as well. Keeping this in mind, you need to know which is best the choice you can make as far as printers go, as well as the toner they use.

Everyone knows what toner is: the powder, black or colored, that goes into a cartridge in order to print. Toner consisted at first of carbon powder, but later it was mixed with polymers to increase the quality of the printouts. The quality of the toner often has a major role to play as far as the performance of the printer goes in terms of resolution, details or other things like that.

When a print job is attributed to a printer, there are certain stages that need to be overcome. The page slides in, the toner is placed on top of it and then the fuser heats up the toner which causes it to bind to the paper. Because the toner is melted, its quality is very important.

The quality of the toner is given by the diameter of the particles. The first such printers used toner particles with diameters ranging from 14 to 16 micrometers, which later became 8 to 10. Efforts are being put in to decrease the diameter of the particles even more. This is mainly due to the fact that the finer the powder, the greater the level of detail that can be obtained.

The two codes used in the title, q6000a and q2612a, make reference to two cartridges that use toner. Their manufacturer is the very well-known company HP, which is considered by many the best supplier of printers since their development.

Every toner cartridge is manufactured for specific printers. For instance, the q6000a can be used with color laserjet printers like 1600, 2600, 2605 or more. The q2612a can be used with 1010, 1012 and others, but these are not color printers.

Considering that these are HP products, both q6000a and q2612a use high quality powder for their printouts. The main difference between them would be the printers in which they are to be used, because these play the most important role when it comes to printing, obviously. What good would six gallons of gas do, when you do not have a car, right?

If you need to make a choice between these two products, the answer will come quite easily. Consider what you need the printer for - color or black and white printing - and purchase the one that suits your needs. Both the q6000a and the q2612a address the people on a budget.

Another advantage that comes with these two cartridges is that they can be refilled, with the right toner. This allows you to decrease the costs for operation even more while you enjoy high quality print jobs offered by the printer of your choice.

If you want to know where you can find high quality toner to refill your cartridges you should visit the website nextdaytoner.co.uk. Here you can purchase products for your q6000a, q2612a or any other laser cartridge that ever came out of the HP factory.

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Even if you own a big company and you can afford to throw money away, you should always keep your head on your shoulders and try to get your money's worth. The printers that use q6000a and q2612a will satisfy your needs with little expenses.

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