Choosing the Right Candles and Candle Accessories to Decorate Your Home

by Ben Weinbaum - Date: 2007-01-27 - Word Count: 264 Share This!

Decorating your home with candles is a very fun task. There are so many types of candles out these at expensive prices that it may drive you crazy in picking the ones that are top of the line. Below is a list of candle makers that will provide the most elegant look for your home.

Luxurious Candles

Since we are going for a luxurious look for your house. I'd recommend these high quality candles for a beautiful aroma.

Vance Kitira- The makers of fine timber candles, brick candles and scented tea cups. These candles will give your home a very modern look. I'd recommend you use these candles with their wrought iron candle holders. Price range from $20-$60.

Judy Havelka-These beautiful scented candles usually last for over 50 HOURS! I really like their marmalade candle and their designer blend candle. Also, they make great birthday gifts, especially their "birthday candle"

Lollia- These candles produce a very sweet essense and look elegant. These make perfect bedroom candles with their milky white appearence and beautiful luminary glows. Prices are in the $30 range.

Illume- Take a look at the Chelsea Collection. These luxurious candles come in a tall glass container and have a very romantic look. They make a perfect valentine's gift and will give you home intimate appeal. The crystal orchid candle is my favorite. These candles are very affordable and priced in the mid $20 range.

These candles are your best choices for giving your home an elegant look and provide gorgeous luminary glows. I also recommend you take a look at soy candles as well. They are becoming increasingly popular.

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