Pets, Training Boston Terriers To Avoid Lawsuit

by Richard Cussons - Date: 2009-03-24 - Word Count: 435 Share This!

Boston Terriers are gentle, very intelligent and well-mannered little dogs who would love to be part of the family. But do you know that these little creatures can actually bring piles and piles of lawsuit?

Our society is surrounded with laws, rules and policies that must be carried out to maintain peace and harmony among people. Do you think your neighbor will not react when Fifi is using their front yard to do his thing? Would it be okay to your guests if Fluffy is the one in-charge of the welcome committee on your kid's 3rd birthday party? Jumping on the kids once they stepped in your door step or worst mauling a 2-year old kid?

To save you from this kind of issue and sleepless nights and thousands of dollars, you need to train your pet not to jump, nip, bite or growl. As what most dog experts recommend, early socialization is a must. Socialization should begin at around three weeks of age. Activities during socialization period must include but not limited to interaction with the mother and other puppies in the litter, playful fighting and interaction with humans and other animals as well. They can be later taken to new location such as parks, beaches and other places with lots of people when they have already completed the necessary vaccinations to protect them from contagious diseases.

At around eight weeks of age, training basic commands can be started. Do your best to train your dog to obey basic commands such as "sit", "stay" and "down". These commands are life saving should an unlikely situation will appear. It is also a relief when your dog knows how to respond to the commands such as "no" and "leave it". These prompt a dog to stop or to leave whatever he is doing.

Once your dog has mastered the above-mentioned commands, you can somehow feel at ease knowing that you can control your dog from attacking or from doing something nasty by just giving a single command.

In addition, you so need to familiarize your dog with the people who will enter your fence on a regular basis be it a mail carrier, a delivery personnel or your house cleaner. They should understand that these people are not threats and should not be attacked or growled at when they enter the yard.

If nipping, jumping or biting persists, determine the causes and look for effective Boston Terrier training tips so that you can deal with it.

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