Which is More Sensitive - the Clitoris or the Vagina?

by Jennifer Pulaski - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 394 Share This!

In this article, we'll find out which is more sensitive - the clit or the vagina?

For the majority of women, the clitoris is more sensitive than the vagina. About the size of a pea, the clit has a rich network of nerves. It is, in fact, one of the most nerve-rich areas of the woman's body.

That's not surprising, considering that despite its relatively small size, it has almost the same amount of nerves as the glans of the penis. It is so sensitive that it can be irritating touching the glans directly.

If you are like a majority of women, you often reach orgasm quicker through clitoral rather than vaginal stimulation.

To ensure the clitoris receives adequate stimulation, it is often best for you to assume the woman-on-top position. Your clit gets aroused by rubbing against your partner's body.

Alternatively, He can tickle your clit directly with the fingers, while fucking you using the doggie style. That will ensure you get a double whammy!

Once your clit is aroused, you'll find that your labia majora (the inner vaginal lips) swell up considerably. This is the result of blood gushing into the network of veins in your vagina. It can be very exciting!

The vagina is also sensitive but not as sensitive as the clit. To get the most orgasm-wise from vagina, penetration should be shallow. It has been found that the most sensitive part of the vagina to sexual stimulation is the outer one-third of the vagina.

A good way for your partner to bring you to orgasm is by using the set-of-nines technique. The set of nines involves entering you in a rhythmic pattern using a combination of shallow and deep thrusts.

The pattern goes like this.

1. Eight shallow thrusts followed one deep thrust.
2. Seven shallow thrusts followed by two deep thrusts.
3 Six shallow thrusts followed by three deep thrusts.

This goes on until your partner gets to one shallow thrust followed by nine deep thrusts. This way, he enters you with a total of 81 thrusts. By this time, you are so aroused and gushing red hot juice with your vagina clenching his rod in a rhythmic contraction. Voila ! You find yourself in cloud nine.

To get this earth-shattering climax, you must practice long foreplay (at least 17 minutes) and you must give yourself without reservation. You may not cum the first time but don't feel discouraged. Just keep practicing.

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