Persistence: the 7 Most Permanent Practices of a Powerful Personality

by Zubli Zainordin - Date: 2006-12-03 - Word Count: 1113 Share This!

Are you now hiding your true self? Then, please awaken this giant within, because this life offers you a rank on a platform where the world powerful personalities solidly stand. It is acceptable in this life, that you may not have a view of different subjects or objects, yet you may have at least a view of various subjects or objects differently. This view is a distinguishing factor between powerful personalities who are still remembered, and those who have made a brief presence here on this earth, and are now forgotten.

Surely by now you have reached a level of wisdom, you possess a knowledge, you develop an expertise, or you acquire a skill. This is one contribution you may share with others, be it a novel, or a course that is noble, a product that is oval, or a service that is royal.

Perhaps you are where Alexander Graham Bell was, when he said, "what this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it". You know that he was talking about you as a personality, your power, and the universal fact of persistence.

Let me ask you, have you ever read, heard, or said, that, an individual who quits, never succeed but an individual who succeed, never quits. Why? Because when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Plus? To remain where you have fixed your stay, and mix it with play, so that you shall attain, maintain, and sustain the actual life that you so desire to fill to the full with desirable fulfillments. Thus? The effort to continue and renew your view, to review your inner and outer self, and eventually to preview your life with a total view, based upon your compelling vision and mission. Then? Every action you make is moving you in the direction where you shall be a powerful personality. So? The practice in life is to keep on, keeping on. In one word, persistence.

This word "persistence", shall just remain a word, until you add power to it, your power, by transforming an idea in the form of a concept in your mind, and follow through until you succeed. persist, until the outcome is achieved in the form of a quality product or a useful service. It is true, ultimately the real measure of an accomplishment is in the result.

Please observe among those who have been here in this world, at the starting point they can boast, but others prefer to just wait and see as to whether they pass the finishing line. Otherwise, the boasting to them is confirmed as nothing more than an insult.

Then what is the significant difference? Actually those who have received insult, earlier when they see a block, they turn havoc and quit with a statement that it is "impossible". While those who have achieved result, earlier when they too encounter a block, they begin to unlock, and harness their enthusiasm with "i'm possible".

This is why, a personality who persists, actually is applying a pursuit in life with various performances to such an extend that any seed of greatness that he or she sows, begin to grow until an orchard may expand with delicious fruits that bear more seeds of freshness. This kind of persistence is truly solidified in his or her ability to be in a position of stick-ability. On this note, Josh Billings, said, "consider the postage stamp, my son. It secures success through its ability to stick to one thing till it gets there".

So observe very carefully the following 7 permanent practices of persistence by the world powerful personalities:

Practice # 1
They always begin by first seeking an assist from the God, followed later by a thankfulness as an attitude of gratitude.

Practice # 2
They exist to tune into the universe, searching for the one verse, in the center of unity in diversity, and later prefer to spread this discovery for the benefit of all others.

Practice # 3
They know that in their hearts consist an intention so pure as to pour afterward a fountain of goodness to the people within their surroundings, and to also include communities of the whole globe.

Practice # 4
They take advantage of the synergy to co-exist harmoniously with others within a formation of a master-mind group. This is awesome.

Practice # 5
They assist others through a community, harnessing a critical mass, in order to ascertain and obtain synchronicity that consist of the cooperative visible force, with the unlimited energy of the invisible force.

Practice # 6
They project themselves as a team that is powerful beyond measures in trashing out any form of resist from the vice of the devil or the suggestions that is evil.

Practice # 7
They insist that they persevere in order to serve and preserve the natural that exist in nature, and the original that originate from the originator.

So please remember, while others desire to first take and then living in fake, because they think, quantity first then quality. Yet, in addition to these practices, as one of the world powerful personality, you shall persist, to think quality first then quantity.

In addition, you shall desire that to others first you shall give, and then the rewards from the God, you receive as a gift. The more you get the more you give. The more you give, the more you get. It is an endless cycle of purification of your soul. You are being in an enlightenment in the surrounding full of endarkenment.

Therefore you exhibit to others ample opportunities for them to model after you., who are leading in life by example. You shall not expect any respect from others, instead the respect you earn is from one of the aspects within the unchanging universal law that is constant and consistent with whatever in life you expect.

When some efforts go wrong as these sometimes do, while others are quick to name others and fix the blame, you shall persist with the best alternative solution and thus establish your name in the hall of fame.

In this world, throughout our life, without the practice of persistence, there are people who shall turn to be villains or victims encountering destruction while living in this world. Yet, with the practice of persistence, there are people like you who shall be victors organizing the construction of a better living in this world.

I have distinguished for you the distinct differences between the ordinary and the extraordinary, and between the rest and the respectable world powerful personalities. Now the choice, decision, and action is yours.

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