Spending Enough Time With Toddlers

by Richard C. Mckeown - Date: 2010-10-13 - Word Count: 500 Share This!

Kids aging one to three are in the process of absorbing knowledge from what they see and hear in their environment. The learning that they attain at these years are also crucial to their behavior and character when they reach higher years. Learning at childhood will most probably lead to the type of personality children will reveal when they grow up as well as their intellectual capacities. At the stage of being toddlers, parents can play a big role in shaping their kid's personalities. Spending a good amount of time with toddlers will do a great deal in injecting them good influences.

During Meals- Toddlers still need assistance in eating. Parents who are the ones feeding their toddlers during meals, create a closer mother-to-daughter or mother-to-son relationship with their kids. Later, as taking care of their meals continues, a sweeter relationship may also grow between them. Mealtime is also one of the best times to inject good influences to young kids. The kind of foods that are served for them will be loved and preferred by them in time. So, make sure that the foods that you prepare for your kids are those healthy ones. A little talk during meals can also be done. For instance, wiping their mouths and cheeks when they get dirty means care.

Working parents don't have all the time to spend with their kids. At least at breakfast or in the supper, feeding toddlers may be done.

During Playtime- Normally, most toddlers love to play. Not only that kids love to play, they really need to play. Playing can make growing, on the part of the child, fast and easy. By playing, alone or with other kids like young siblings and neighbors, kids learn new things. It is through playing that kids find some discoveries. Also, through the employment of some helpful toys, kids start recognizing colors. Interacting with others also make the child develop language abilities. It is important that parents join their kids in playtime so that parents can determine safe and right play areas as well playmates.

During Bedtime- As growing kids, they must sleep the number of hours required for their age. For toddlers, eight to ten hours are the advised. Before going to sleep, parents must sit or lie down with their kids in the bed. These times can be spent for a little talk or story telling. One of the best learning gained by a child is from the stories of their mothers. Values teaching can also happen in these moments. These can also be a sort of interaction between the child and mother that will result to closer relationships.

Toddler's minds are in the process of capturing information from the environment. The things they see and hear will be banked in their minds that will sooner or later affect their personalities. Now or years later, they will manifest their reaction to these influences. Giving enough time to young kids like toddlers, is a great way to help them develop positive and excellent personality.

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