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by Jessica Leahy - Date: 2010-09-12 - Word Count: 421 Share This!

It seems as though everywhere I look today, I hear about addiction. It seems to pop up in many aspects of people's everyday life. However the one common denominator with this topic is that it always seems to be followed with a negative connation. Well, everywhere except on his website.

A young man by the name Ryan Donnelly explains, in depth, his personal story of hell with his own addiction. The content is down right uncomfortable, and humbling. The story is riveting and the honesty, the honesty is nothing short of raw.

No matter what you experience is with addiction, you can relate, like I found myself doing. In fact, even if you have no connection at all to this world you can take something away from Donnelly's real life portrayal.

This is the first website about this topic that actually intrigued me to keep reading. It's not the same thing you're used to. His writing, which at times is controversial, leaves your mind refreshed. He invites you into his dirty world of drugs, theft and mental destruction. He shows you how far he was willing to go to numb himself and how close he came to death.

He is normal every day guy who had a great upbringing, from a middle-class family, but he shows that addiction is a problem in all classes of society. He is relatable on every level. As a reader you are taken into his world where you see how his time in rehab, taught him not only about his addiction, but about his mind and human beings in general.

As an outsider looking into his world I was able to see how an addict thinks, and I came to find that addicts have more of an advantage in our world rather than the disability that our society portrays. As an outsider looking in, I was given the gift of perception and the ability to walk in someone else's shoes through a computer screen. Not many people can convey the emotions that Donnelly does in his daily posts, and if they can, I do not believe they do it as well.

I have never seen someone put their story out there without worrying about being judged. I have never seen a story like this. I have never seen anything like this. I hope more and more people can benefit from Ryan's story and from the help and insight FreeFromHell.Com can offer. I strongly believe that this website has the power to change us all for the better.

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