Don't Get Caught Red-Handed-Feeling Defenseless at Chancellor Gorkoff's Dinner Table

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OK - I have a confession to make!

I was recently watching an episode of Star Trek where Captain Kirk had invited the Klingons to Star Ship Enterprise for dinner to talk about enchantment in the Galaxy.

During dinner Captain Spock quoted a phrase from Hamlet toasting the future. Chancellor Gorkoff replied and one of the Klingon Commanders said something that was in Klingon. Needless to say, the Klingons laughed while Captain Kirk, Spock and Scottie stared without understanding a word they said.

Have you ever found yourself wondering if you're zigging and they're zagging when speaking to a person from a different generation? Roughly every 20 years a generation is formed.

During this time, a group of people experience life based on what has happened in the past and forming what they want for the future.

They inherit certain character traits, attitudes and perspectives from experiences. An analogy would be technology. We went from typing to computers, cell phones to hand held PDA's because we want more information faster and NOW!

Information is available quicker and we're still not satisfied.

In fact, just yesterday I upgraded my internet speed from high to extreme because high just wasn't cutting it anymore. I'm a Baby Boomer operating as a Millennial. Do you feel the same way?

The Generation Types - Who knew We Were All So Strange?

Traditionalists (Stabilizing) Birthdate- 1900-1945 Baby Boomers (transformation) 1946-1964Generation Xers (entrepreneurial) 1965-1981 Millennial (technology storm) 1982-2000

Jlyajbe' (I don't understand)

All generation types have different character traits. To communicate with them is to understand these aliens.

Traditionalists - focuses on standards and norm. Needs stabilityBaby Boomers - "You can do anything" mindset Generation Xers - resourceful, technically and business savvy. Moves on quickly to the next thing Millennial - technologically advanced. Quick, counterintuitive learning. Don't like rules and self expression is extremely important!

Stop The Insanity! Understand Communication Styles And Speak Their Language.

I was in a seminar recently and the instructor wouldn't allow us to take any notes.

I learn by needing to see and hear things. I did my best to hear what he was saying but it wasn't until he gave an example by "showing" and "telling" how it was done that cemented it in my mind. We all have different learning styles and if we're not using our primary style, it may be a bit of a challenge. To help you with understanding yourself and others, check to see how you learn.

Understanding Four Communication Styles - knowing how you are, how you relate, identify what communication language of the other person and shift to mutual understanding.

Communication Styles and Questions That Engage Each Style:

Visual- Sees a thought as a picture

- Do you see what I mean?

-Are you getting the picture?

- How does this look so far?Auditory- Hears a thought as a sound or word - Does this sound OK? Tell me…

- Is this clicking with you?- How can this be improved?Kinesthetic- Feels a thought by sensation

- How does this feel?

- What have you learned from this?- Getting a handle on this?Auditory-Digital- Senses a thought as a knowing

- Is this making sense?

- What did you think about that?- Can you figure this out for me?Shed Your Klingon Communication Techniques Listen to the other person's language, use their communication style and you can now speak the same language= mutual understanding - RESULTS! I know it's hard when you and another person are not connecting.The odds are - you are just in another galaxy in terms of communication styles. The great news? You can easily fix it!

I challenge you to "listen" to your customers and understand their generation traits before speaking. Know which Planet your customer is coming from!

Nanoo - Nanoo!

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