Bodybuilding and Steroids: ACNE Side Effects

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"Bodybuilding and Steroids : Steroid side effects." Bodybuilding and Steroids. Side effects. Focus: ACNE

First I would like to list off several common steroid side effects which are normally reported as steroid side effects on a steroid online forum, steroid profile, an anabolic steroid research guide, as well as, of course, outside the bodybuilding and steroid community; both the media and medical establishment. All are assumed as "normal" steroid doses which are associated with the combined practice of anabolic steroid use and bodybuilding. Steroid side effects which are typically listed are the follwing:

Steroid side effects: acne, balding, liver damage, gynocomastia (or "bitch tits"), high cholesterol, increased aggression (or "roid rage"), kidney damage, stunted growth, testicle shrinkage, and there are some other steroid side effects which are commonly listed but we'll have a brief look at one of these commonly listed steroid side effects.

The steroid side effect, Acne, is indeed commonly experienced by anabolic steroid users. One usually associates the acne as occurring on the facial area. While an increase of acne may be experienced by the anabolic steroid user in the facial area, it is also commonly experienced on other areas of the body, especially the arms, shoulders and back. Steroid users can very noticeably, profoundly display the steroid side effect of acne, sometimes to the point of "upstaging" their bulked up muscle appearance. Dark deep reddish purple patches with a smattering field of red pock marked zits can be a commonplace steroid side effect for some anabolic steroid users. Nasty stuff! Usually the user psychologically rationalizes or can "overlook" the horrid mess of purple patches by only "seeing" the newly aquired appearance of muscle bulk. That's why its common to see tank topped individuals proudly showing off their muscle bulk, and unbeknownst to them, their horrid purple fields of cranberry sprouts, at the same time… Basically the steroid side effect of acne is triggered by these new anabolic compounds entering the system, affecting skin glands. Glands in the skin have a high sensitivity to an androgen produced naturally from testosterone. The steroid side effect of acne, is a result of oily skin and clogged pores, triggered from this increased skin gland activity.

Not all anabolic steroids cause this particular steroid side effect, and some will cause more acne to occur than others. The steroid side effect of acne can be lessoned to a degree by cleaning the skin regularly, opening up the pores. Also a topical solution applied during anabolic steroid use can lesson the onset of acne.

Future writings will go into the more notorious compounds for causing acne. Any good anabolic steroid reference guide or book will point the steroid side effect of acne in relation to certain anabolic steroid compounds.

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