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by Juhani Tontti - Date: 2007-02-03 - Word Count: 454 Share This!

Opt in emails, mostly even double opt in, are sent directly to the recipient, who are honestly signed in and interested to get more information about your "affiliates internet programs" or other offers, you have.

He has gone through your web site, accepted it to be a site for him, and given his name and address for your opt in email marketing. Now he has joined your fan club! What a slended starting point for a long-term relationship. He is now a member of the most important target group of your "affiliates internet programs".

1. How to build hot opt in email marketing list?

You have two choices, to buy or collect the names by yourself. When the target is to get hot, targeted people into your opt in email list, which way is better? Of course to collect the names via a form on your web site. When "affiliates internet programs" web site visitor looks your pages and after that will fill in the form, he likes what he just saw.

To increase the conversion rate of your form, you can give a visitor a valuable and useful thank-you gift, a newsletter, a special report or an ebook. Now your subscriber is douple happy, he is happy with your site and he has just got a valuable, free information. A good start for a co-operation. Now he is more receptive to get, what your "affiliates internet programs" will mail to him and you will have zero problem with spamming accuses.

2. The most useful tool for opt in email marketing is a quality autoresponder.

When you go through different autoresponders, the first criteria is that the service makes it possible to collect double opt in email marketing names via a form on your "affiliates internet programs" web site. By the way, double opt in email means, that after the prospect has given his name and address, the autoresponder will send him an email and by clicking the link, he will confirm his subscription. This avoid spamming accuses.

Other features are the possibility to customize the emails with the name of the recipient and to determine the frequency, when the emails will be sent. You also have to see the results of the campaigns. The possibility to send separate emails with broadcast service is a usefull feature.Choose an autoresponder, which you can first try for free and later upgrade to get more powerful features.

The key in opt in email marketing list building is to act long term, because you will get the names little by little. But here the quality is more important than the quantity. When you have got the name for your "affiliates internet programs" opt in email marketing list, it is as hot as the name can be.

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Juhani Tontti is a full time internet marketer and gives many opt in email marketing tools for your "affiliates internet programs".

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