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by Trevor Kugler - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 391 Share This!

There are some simple steps that you, the angler, can take in order to increase the amount of fish that you catch. Many times anglers do things simply because that's what they've always done them. One of these things is the way hooks are used. Yea, I said hooks. Now you're probably thinking to yourself, "I know how hooks are used", and you may be right. You might know how they've always been used, but what I'm asking you top do is start to think "outside the box" just a little bit.

If you want to consistently catch more fish, your offering needs to look as natural as possible. The bait that gets used needs to look like what the fish is used to eating. This means that smaller hooks must be employed. I'm speaking of normal freshwater fishing situations. Situations where we use what are known as normal fishing baits such as: worms, minnows, dough baits, crayfish, and the like. In these normal freshwater fishing situations, most of the time anglers use hooks that are much too large. For example, have you ever seen the "worm ball"? A "worm ball" is created because the angler is using a hook that's too large and has to thread the worm (s) onto the hook, thus creating the "worm ball".

A "worm ball" is anything but a natural way to present a worm. Try this…..throw a worm into the water and see what it looks like. That's the way you want to present your offering to the fish. The natural way is the method that most closely resembles how a worm really looks in the water, and threading a worm onto a hook isn't the way to present said worm.

The way to present said worm is by using a "gang hook". A gang hook is simply two small hooks tied in tandem. It may sound overly simplistic, but it's true. Two small hooks tied in tandem is the most natural way to present a live worm, hands down! The angler simply hooks the top hook into the head of the worm, then the second hook into the body. The live worm then looks completely natural, just as it would if it didn't have hooks in it. Start employing the "gang hook" today and you will begin to catch more fish. It's as simple as that.

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