Work At Home - Live Your Dreams Or Someone Else Will

by Antonio Easter - Date: 2007-10-12 - Word Count: 669 Share This!

I found myself scouring through my email account searching through the subject lines for anything that was catchy enough to capture my attention and entice me to plunge into, commit my time, and read. Yes, I found it! I opened up the email, read it, and then clicked on the link toward the bottom of the page. This link took me to a mans site, who was testifying of his beginnings as an Internet Entrepreneur. His story was long, and to my amazement I had been listening for over five minutes before I thought twice about it.

I quickly rushed from top to bottom of this site many times looking for pictures, or a text which would grab my attention. I found it. PICTURES...This guy who has being discussed by the site owner was privileged to have been afforded a brand new Phantom Rolls Royce, a Ferrari 360 Spider, a 13,000 plus square foot home, that is situated on an outstanding piece of property, with health club, and amusement park amenities. Just an incredible site to behold. All this purchased by his Online Business. He had started his business 24 months ago. However, within six months of him starting his business, he was able to retire.

This gent is living my dream I thought. I got excited, ran to bring my wife to the computer. She sat down, and we both began to get extremely excited about what the future held for us and our strong desire for a multi-million dollar Home Business Enterprise.

You must understand, my wife and I have discussed on numerous occasions our dream of owning 100 acres, with a 14,500 square foot home, tennis court, basket ball court, go cart race track, huge lap swimming pool, a pool hole, a huge man made lake with wave effects, to bring us as close to the beach as possible without being there. The dream cars, dream vacations, being able to give over 1.2 million dollars a year as tithes, and pour financial blessing into the lives of the needy round about us. This goes on and on.

I want you to notice close my dreams are with the man who was being discussed on the web page that I visited that day. He and I are close to the same age. The guy being discussed on this site is a young man by anyone's standards.

What have you Dreamed?

What have you Dreamed and then deemed impossible?

What have you started out to accomplish, only to be ravaged by discouragement, or others opinion of who you should be?

Have you labored only to purchase the false opinion of others who would rather not see you successful?

Have you sold your dream for currency which later betrayed you?

Have you silenced the Dreamer within?

Can you still hear the faint beckoning cry for another opportunity to be afforded to the Dreamer on the inside?

How many times have you in your day to day witnessed others as they enjoyed family relationships, personal and business success, cars, homes, boats, life style that you so long for?

You see friend a Dream never dies. It simply seeks another vessel to express itself through. No matter how great the dream...if you can dream it, then you can live it. Also, if you can dream it then someone else can live it. Anytime you or I lay our dreams down for whatever reason, someone in life's passing captures the vision which was once ours, picks it up and dashes for the finish line. In time, creating a dream that belongs to us for them and their family. After all the energy spent in the creation of your Dreams, why will you willingly choose to lay them at the feet of someone else (who labored not for them) to benefit from.

Today is your day! You need to live your dreams starting today, and you can do it no matter how many times that you feel that you have failed in the past. Success is again at your door...answer, and join us at The Top!

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