Sarah Palin - Too Good For Us

by J Herren - Date: 2010-09-05 - Word Count: 385 Share This!

Sarah Palin has obviously struck a chord with a large swath of the American people, and the obvious question that comes up is...."Will She run"? I have a feeling she won't run but will be campaigning for the Party leader and once again will be more popular than the Presidential candidate.

The federal government is a confiscatory entity and the American people need to be continually on guard they aren't sending total parasites to Washington, who else is attracted to that place ? Your average God-fearing, God-loving person in this country just wants to live their life, not get audited by the IRS and to be left alone.

Career politicians, trial lawyers, and various and sundry other sleezy middle aged men just can't seem to wait to get there. The American people need to take responsibility for our choices and leaders. The sad thing is we don't seem to take notice and elect good people until they have sufficient name recognition. In other words, they've been involved with Government.

One of the big problems we have in this country is glorifying politicians, we put their pictures on the school walls for our children to see . Meanwhile, pillars of communities, building businesses and supplying incomes for thousands of people, are demonized by the parasites who are in Washington. Why are the pillars of our societies demonized ?

Well, it's simple, the parasites are trying to convince you to let them steal the rich mans' money.

Electing politicians who run for office trying to get the poor mans vote and the rich mans money is destroying this country.

The average American lives their life hardly noticing we send lawyers (most of the time) to Washington to be a politician. We send lawyer/politicians to Washington and wonder why the place is such a flustercluck ? Lawyer/politicians make used car salesmen look like Mother Teresa.

If you're not paying attention, you're more likely to end up with a community organizer from the corrupt bowels of Chicago politics than a God-loving American like Sarah Palin. We should be continually on guard about who we're sending to represent us in Washington and to work for us in this "confiscatory" entity.

Another problem is.....the parasites want it more.

I know that Sarah Palin loves this country, I just don't know if she has the desire to be where all the parasites hang out.

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