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by Anne Sun - Date: 2006-12-11 - Word Count: 251 Share This!

I've got so many emails asking about Dermacia ever since I posted the article "Dermacia" and "Let's fight acne, shall we". Here, I've selected some of the most asked questions to share will you ...

1. Does dermacia really work? Skin conditions varied from one to another, you have to try it yourself. It might work extremely well for some people but doesn't do any good for others. So, the only judge for a product is YOU.

2. Where can I find customer reviews on Dermacia makeup? I suggest you go to Dermacia official website for customer reviews. They have reviews, before and after pictures as well as product introductions there.

3. I've seen Dermacia on TV, and I am very interested in buying Dermacia,where can I find the store that sells Dermacia? You can buy it online from Dermacia official website or try it free for 30 days.

4. How much is Dermacia? Is it worth to invest? Dermacia offers a 30 days free trail, ( $9.99 for shipping and handling). If you keep the product, there is two payments of $49.99. Is it worth to invest? If it works for you, absolutely!

5. What is Dermacia foundation? Dermacia breathable foundation is one of the four items in Dermacia kits. "Dermacia is the first silica gel-based foundation to contain our exclusive Lycogel Complex with LYCD, a patented formula that allows your skin to breathe while delivering concentrated oxygen to illuminate your complexion."

6. What if I have more questions about Dermacia? You can visit Dermacia official website.

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