The Loneliest Place in Creation

by Roy E. Klienwachter - Date: 2007-04-16 - Word Count: 947 Share This!

The loneliest place in personal experience would have to be part of nothing.

Many people believe we are one with each other-joined with an eternal mass of nothing-formless and shapeless energy. This mass is often referred to as God. From the realm of nothingness matter is shaped into physical forms and beings, and given awareness or personal identity apart from what created it. But it is still connected by the ever flowing waves of the subconscious.

From nothing comes something-it is the nothing that gives consciousness to the something. It is the nothing that holds it all together and is ever present between the atoms which make us up. It is the nothingness between those atoms which creates, thinks and has awareness. The atoms which form the molecules and then the cells of our body are lifeless. It is the void between the atoms in our bodies which is part of the matrix that permeates the space in and around us that is life and it is endless, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. There is no magic line surrounding the space between where you start and where you stop. You are part of the space and other objects around you. It is your atoms moving through space or nothingness which gives you the illusion of animation and individuality.

The tools of self awareness and identity are the senses and emotions which make up your awareness of self or ego. Consciousness is always aware of being conscious, but it does not have emotion or feelings.

No one really knows what creator is because creation comes from nothing and nothing is the only thing one can experience as creator. In order to experience nothing you would need to experience something. That was the quandary of the creator before life-how does it experience itself?

It is the same quandary all sentient beings have-how do we experience the creator? All thoughts are physical so we think in terms of physical, and we make our creator physical. We create the creator in the image of a God-an entity which has senses and emotions-but this image is not the true God. We create Heaven or Hell as physical places and we have made it our destiny to go to one of these places when we die. We believe we will meet God in one place and the Devil in the other. And at the same time we believe we will be joined with God-with the creator-but this is not possible because there is only God/Creator. We come face to face with an illusion of self and our own thoughts.

The death we may experience will not join us with nothing-the creator, because we are already creating our death's experience, and these experiences are physical, so it is not a true death, but simply a transformation from one realm of existence to another. True death and the realization of being with the creator is a non experience-it is simply an awareness of being nothing. Being aware of nothing is not the physical experience that most of us would choose to have or go back to.

Physical experience is addictive and it is why we return so many times in one form or another. And returning to God is not what you may have imagined. Your true self is not the physical experiences you bring with you when you meld with the creator as one.

Can you truly imagine being nothing-not feeling anything, happy, sad, cold, hot, safe, love, hate, abundance, hunger, fear, joy, taste, smell, touch, hearing, sight? You may be conscious of these things as God, but you would not experience any of them in the realm of nothing.

It is God himself who wishes to experience something, to be what you are experiencing in this life in order to define or experience what he is now.

Most of us simply ponder another physical life after our death as another physical place. Because we are the creator manifesting in this life, we also create our physical death and rebirth into another physical experience-because we think about it-it is your thoughts which create. You create all the circumstances because you are in fact God/Creator creating. Your individuality is an illusion so your true sell which is nothing, can experience being something. By creating and recreating your own awareness of individuality and ego, and the afterlife, you perpetuate you own physical experience into eternity. When you stop thinking, stop creating, you start being nothing-you find yourself back as your true self. Life is self awareness in motion, and life is the process of being something-nothing is no-life-it is simply consciousness.

Within this knowledge you can find comfort in the realization you will live forever in one form or another. You will also find consolence in knowing it is the nature of all living things to evolve to higher states of being. You will also find reassurance that no matter how badly you feel your life is now, it will change and will change when your thoughts about it change.

Whatever you believe your experience will be when you leave this life-you will experience it, unless you do not wish to. You have power over you own destiny in this life and the next, and this knowledge was taken from you long ago by those who would control you for their own purposes. You cannot be destroyed, or be made non-existent in this life or the next unless at some level of consciousness you choose to-you are God manifesting-who would destroy you? Returning to nothing is also a choice and one you will eventually make. At this point in my existence, I can't image every being nothing.

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