Do You Know What To Look For When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

by Roxanne Tidmore - Date: 2006-12-08 - Word Count: 516 Share This!

As an entrepreneur you desire to be successful - you want to increase sales and productivity. Where can you find the resources and time to do this? Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be your solution. But how do I choose the right Virtual Assistant for me?

Following is a checklist of finding the best Virtual Assistant for you!

1. What are your specific business needs?

Are you a real estate agent that needs part time help with a new listing coordination? Do you need full time help with all of your office administrative needs? Does your business need a quick word processing or PowerPoint project completed while your regular staff is out temporarily?

2. Match up your specific business needs with those of the VA services you are searching for.

Do a search for Virtual Assistant or a specific keyword search for the particular service you need.

3. Consultation.

Obviously, your search will yield many results! Email or call the ones of interest to you. Most Virtual Assistants will give you a free consultation. Once you receive a response, here are few points to consider:

- Did the VA respond in a Timely manner?

- Did the VA respond in a Professional manner?

- Is the VA Prepared for the call?

- Is there Follow-through as promised?

- Do the Services match the ones you need?

- Do you have a clear Understanding of processes and how they will blend with your business?

- Do you feel the VA is Confident?

- Does the VA really Listen to what you need and not interrupt?

- Does the VA inquire about your business also?

- Do you have a good connection with the VA?

4. Experience

A Virtual Assistant should have extensive background administrative or executive assistant experience. Now a VA can have obtained this experience from working outside of the home or while being a VA. So, some questions to ask are: - What was your experience prior to being a VA?

- How many years of experience do you have?

- What is your skill level (for the particular need that you have?)

5. Training

As a business owner, you may not have time to learn new software. You need someone who is trained and very competent to take your project and run with it! Ask specific questions related to your project to ensure that the VA is competent in that specific aspect of the software.

6. Pricing

The rates of a Virtual Assistant range between $25 - $80 per hour. This may seem high but when you take into account that your business is not paying for sick leave, vacation leave, Medicare, etc., you save in the long run.

Also as a business owner you will not lower your prices for clients, would you? You want to deliver a superb product and you know those clients who expect that of you are willing to pay the price. No less should it be for VA services. In order to deliver that superb service, it does take money. To deliver an inferior product, does not require much money.

I hope that these points have been helpful to those who are searching for the right Virtual Assistant to help make their business become more successful. If you take the time to look for quality and merit, it will become a positive investment in your business.

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Roxanne Tidmore is a virtual assistant. Her company,, is a virtual assisting practice devoted to helping small business owners handle administrative tasks so they can focus on growing their business and turning their productivity into profits and serving real estate agents to give them a virtual marketing edge.

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