Hair Extensions - My Search For Longer Hair The Safe Way

by Tiffany Twist - Date: 2007-03-14 - Word Count: 515 Share This!

Hair extensions are synthetic or human hair you attach to your own hair. The processes I found varied-the included using glues, pre-tipped, braids, weaves, clips or metal rings, to name a few. These processes all varied in cost, benefits and setbacks.

The extension hair was offered on a weft, or in bulk. Weft hair is sewn to a track. The bulk is loose hair. Both are used for specific applications.

Glue applications are used both by trained professionals and users directly. The pre-tipped pieces, or weft of extension hair, is glued directly, or bonded with a hot tool, to the natural hair. This method can be risky as the glue is very difficult to remove from your hair. The only option to remove the glue is to use chemical removers to remove it, or pick it out, both, in turn, jeopardize the integrity of your hair.

Braids and weaves were another option. Weaves are wefts that are sewn into hair that has been braided or corn rolled in parallel rows across the head. Braids are done strand-by-strand, with bulk hair or hair that is cut from the weft. They may be a good option because there are no glues or chemicals to harm hair, and the strand result looks very natural, although the cost-hundreds to thousands of dollars-and time commitment-6-8 hours-is overwhelming. Both braids and weaves are done very close to the scalp and are said to be extremely painful processes, causing hair pulling or even horrible headaches in some wearers.

Clip-in hair extensions might seem to be a logical solution. They are simple to put in-10 minutes-fairly inexpensive to purchase-around $200-and you can insert them yourself. However, I was looking for longer, more natural, and more secure, wear. I needed yet another alternative.

Unlike clip-in hair extensions that need to be removed daily, Tiffany Twist do-it-yourself HOLLYWOOD HAIRô is 100% human hair sold in a kit and is safely bonded into the hair, by the wearer, at home, with comparable results to expensive salon applications.

I can wash, sleep in, and style the hair extensions just like it were my own hair. I can wear my Tiffany Twist HOLLYWOOD HAIRô with confidence in a secure hold, free of pulling and headaches. Best of all, there are no glues and I don't need chemical removers. I can easily remove my extension in seconds!

The TemBondô System and Bonding Product is new technology in decorative hair extension applications. It is a simple dip-and-attach process. The hair extensions are extremely secure until I remove them. When I'm ready, I simply bend to break the bond and the TemBondô crumbles, then my extension easily falls away. The bond truly holds like steel, then disappears to dust and is just washed away.

There are so many hair extension processes to choose from, but I found the one that will give me the longer wear in a safe system far below what I would spend in a salon. I have found researching my hair extension process before I attempt it increases my chances of having a great experience with my longer, fuller, more luxurious hair via hair extensions.

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Tiffany Twist is the author of 2 books, Tiffany Twisted (2004 by et al publishing) and Some Dance (2005 by et al publishing) and founder and creator of Tiffany Twist, do-it-yourself, HOLLYWOOD HAIRô-a home hair system in ornamental hair extension application. and

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