Yamaha Yzf-r1 : The Road Monster

by Varon Sanornoi - Date: 2007-01-10 - Word Count: 489 Share This!

Yamaha YZF-R1 is a natural born land rocket by combining the technology from the race track with a great design compare to other super bikes in the same category. It is quite a while since it first appearance but from its unique performance in every aspect makes the YZF-R1 still in most bikers mind.

Foe anyone who owns this R-1, you don't have to be worry that your model will fade through time because the Yamaha has made a great design for it. As time goes by this bike still be trendy and even for the minor change they never miss every little detail. If you look at the minor change it looks a lot like the old model but actually more than 200 parts are change. Specially the body parts, it may look alike but the Yamaha has to redesign it and test the arrow dynamic force to find the best model that will has the least wind resistant. The front mirror angle is reducing by few degrees. The front head light is uniquely redesign and added the air duct ability to help cool down the intercooler and the engine itself. For the back mirror, the size was longer and moves the position higher for better seeing. Other than what they mention above, the overall weight is also reduced by 2 kilograms.

The frame is the newly develop frame from Yamaha under the name of Delta-Box II and used in the first time in the R-1 and later used in the R-7 which is the best super bike of the year. The new frame is lighter, stronger than and not as big as the earlier one.

The new engine technology that is used in this monster is lighter but more powerful. It is a 4 cylinder Double Overhead Camshaft engine uses the Genesis 4 step technology 998 cc. The cylinder diameter is 74 millimeter and the pull length is 58 millimeters and the compression ratio is 11.8:1. It produces 150 horsepower at 10,000 rounds per minute with the torque 11.0 kilogram-meters at 8,500 rounds per minute equipped with a six speed manual transmission. The gear plate is small and changes the ratio for 1st gear to close to 2nd gear. The cylinders use the ELEC-TROPLATING technology to reduce the occurred friction and also helps cool down the temperature. The fuel injection they use is from Mikuni 40 millimeters with a special system that will transfer the data to the ECU. The fuel rail is bigger. The start motor is smaller and shorter by 12 millimeters. The valve cover is made from magnesium for lighter weight. The muffler was redesign and the muffler tip is made from titanium.

The last change is the fuel tank. Yamaha has removed a support from the end of the tank and reduced the size by 5 millimeters which gives the comfortable feeling while you are riding it. The overall design is impressive and creates the modern look.

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