Tips To Find American Flag Design Hats

by Trevor Price - Date: 2008-12-22 - Word Count: 409 Share This!

American flag hats are such a great way to display your unwavering patriotism to the world. If you're looking for good places to find quality hats, keep reading for an overview of some of the best flag apparel retailers out there.

Cafe Press

Cafe Press is a unique website that lets you upload text or images and have them printed on any piece of clothing, including hats. They also make and sell pre-made American flag hats that are discreet, tasteful and attractive.

At Cafe Press, you can expect to pay under $20 for a pre-made American flag baseball cap. If you're buying an original or customized hat, the prices can often go as high as $30, particularly if you're having the hat embroidered rather than silkscreened.

Flag Pro

Flag Pro doesn't just sell hats. They're an online retailer that specializes in all sorts of products that feature the American flag, including hats. If you're feeling extra patriotic, try searching through their wide selection of flag apparel and accessories.

Wal-Mart Stores

Almost every Wal-Mart will have a small section devoted to American flags and associated flag attire. You can often find a quality, embroidered flag cap for under $10. Try checking the store before and around Independence Day to locate the widest selection.

BuyCostumes Online

If you're looking for a novelty flag hat that's more costume-style than honorable patriotic, then this is the place to go. As the web's largest costume retailer, they have a massive selection of flag clothing and hats that are perfect for Halloween or Independence Day.

Web Hats Online

Web Hats is an online store that focuses on hard-to-find, rare and novelty hats. Whether you want a Statue of Liberty crown or a sparkling top adorned with flying flags and sparklers, they have it or can custom-order it. Remember though, this is a hats-only store, so accessories and other items are limited.

The prices are a bit high here, but it's a great online merchant to track down novelty hats that are hard to find.

Finally, remember to consider the appropriateness of certain American flag hats before you wear them. For example, though it may seem patriotic, wearing a flapping and sequined flag top hat to a Veteran's Day service would be inappropriate, when wearing that same hat to a Fourth of July bar-b-que would be fine. Just never forget that the flag is a symbol of this nation and while it can be worn, it should never be disrespected.

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