Mums - Park And Ride Your Way To A Second Income

by Steve Carter - Date: 2007-06-20 - Word Count: 413 Share This!

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a hurry to catch a bus there never seems to be one? Or perhaps you are trying to flag down a cab driver to get to the airport before your flight takes off without you and the cabby just goes flying on by? There is never a bus or taxi when you need one. The misfortunes of those unlucky people waiting for the bus can actually be a blessing for you. If you live near or in the city you can help those in need of a ride to make a little extra cash. Once your children are off to school in the morning, you can offer a commuting program for those who commute to the city for work. You can offer a 'pay and ride' service from a designated part of the suburbs to the centre of the city at set times.

You would only need to charge a pound or two for each person to make it worth your while. You can take a car full of people in to town, dropping them off at one main central location and then return for more. You can even solicit business from the bus stop where people are waiting in vain! Advertise with flyers at the bus stops and let word of mouth do the rest. If people are pleased with your service you will be surprised how they will give people your number and how quickly you can get regulars for your carpool.

The hours would be perfect as you can do this right after the kids are off to school as this is the same time most are on their way into work and depending on what time your kids are through with school, you can offer your services for the commute back home. Yes this is definitely a good way to start a small home-based business, bringing in some much needed cash. Your business may grow quickly as word of mouth spreads through businesses. People are always looking for ways to cut corners and with the ever-growing gas prices they will jump on the chance to carpool for their commute to work.

You can even check with local retirement centres to see if people are in need of transportation to the doctors or even the grocery store. There are many people out that in need of a ride and there are many places to look for those people while making sure you stay safe.

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