Communicate Professionally in the Music Industry

by Ty Cohen - Date: 2007-05-31 - Word Count: 417 Share This!

If you are looking to get out of the independent music scene and seek a record deal then one of the best assets you can have is to know how to communicate with music contacts. The music industry is full of professionals so mastering the art of communicating professionally is the key.

First of all, let's go over how you should not behave in person or on the phone with A&R, managers or the folks at the record company. Don't call and give a long, drawn out story about this or that. Don't call and use slang and profanity when giving your pitch. And don't go on and on about nothing because they are super busy people who might just hang up on you or walk away.

The call should go like this, "Hi, my name is "your name" and I'm in a band called "your band name." We are from "such and such place." Do you mind if I tell you a little about our music or would you like me to get you a demo? Keep it simple, polite and professional whether it is in person or on the phone. Music industry people don't want to hear your life story but if you play your cards right, they may want to hear your music.

How are your communication skills? Are you able to sum up your entire point in one short paragraph? Are you able to be professional and concise? You need to display your point in a couple of sentences so you don't lose their interest or waster their time.

Communication skills are vital in the music industry whether you are seeking a record deal or more interested in independent music. And keep in mind that communication is not only done verbally but through letter writing as well. If you are not particularly wonderful at writing and lots of musicians aren't, then have someone else help write your letter to ensure your point is clear and grammatically correct.

So, the point is that you want to impress and keep all the music contacts you come in contact with. Be professional and think before you speak. Sometimes you only get one chance with a contact in the music industry so you want to take advantage of that opportunity and communicate precisely what you need to. Practice what you want to say ahead of time so you don't leave anything out. After all, your goal is to leave a killer impression on the person you meet.

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