Nokia 5200: Street-smart Phone With Rocking Music

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A member of the Xpress music brand, Nokia 5200 offers some superb music functionalities to budget conscious consumers. The manufacturer has taken all pains to allure youngsters-the prime market for such handsets. The handset is being intelligently priced and offers many features quite imaginable at such a cost which is sure to appeal its targeted customer segment. The Nokia 5200 is based on Nokia 5300 and the company has made no bones accepting it.

The handsets has a cool sliding design and is available in trendy colours specially meant for people who are young at hearts. Nokia 5200's USP is its entertaining multimedia features. In addition to music features the mobile phone has good imaging, advanced messaging and versatile connectivity options. In a nutshell, Nokia has endeavored to offer capabilities of a high-end phone in a budgeted version.

Your Nokia 5200 has friendly S40 user interface with dedicated keys for music player and FM stereo radio. The side volume keys can also be used as zoom keys when the camera is in operation. The right soft key takes you to the main menu and from there to other functions. In all, the handset sports an intuitive interface-quite expected from a mobile phone.

An integrated VGA camera with digital zoom and video recorder helps you to freeze tender moments with calrity. The visual radio enabled in the mobile phone helps you to interact with your radio station and get information on your favourite song. The music player supports all popular file formats which helps you carry your favourite songs in whichever format they are.

With an expandable memory up to 2GB and connectivity options like Bluetooth, Infrared, SyncML. USB and Tri-band, Nokia 5200 is where all the action is!

Nokia 5200 .

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