Readers here at Techno Station know about the assertion that appeared here and it said the Blu ray may not last longer than a c" />

Blu Ray Fans

by Hamid hameed - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 312 Share This!

span style="font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman";">Readers here at Techno Station know about the assertion that appeared
here and it said the Blu ray may not last longer than a couple of
years. There is more to it. Let us have a closer look at Blu ray
technology before forming an opinion.

Are you a movie fan and watch one everyknow and then, say weekly or
biweekly. Do you love idea of a nice home therter, high-definition,
surround-sound experience, then a Blu Ray disc player is for you.

Blu Ray format has been developed for optimal recording, rewriting,
playing and storing of high-definition video. The world first learned
about the new technology back in 2006 when Sony released its
Playstation 3. To make more advanced games, Sony needed a way to "fit
in" more data. While the DVDs in your current collection hold 9 GB of
information, the Blu Ray discs are able to hold 25-50 GB, making it
five times more efficient. Now Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, Philips,
Samsung, Sharp and JVC and some others are using a different type of
laser (blue versus the traditional red) to pack more data with better

Blu ray features 7.0 Surround Sound for better sound, shouts and
vibrations than ever before. Likewise, the picture quality is said to
be much better than a regular HD-DVD. Best thing is that old CDs and
DVDs will still work on the Blu ray players, although all new movie
releases will only work on the new Blu ray players.

Trend watchers and market analysts are speculating that demand for Blu
ray might surpass the supply soon. It is said that the demand is
around 43 million units worldwide, but factories can only handle
production for 38 million, and that's after an upgrade to their

I would like to settle for Blue ray player. What is your choice?

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