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The reports abound about a slow down in the real estate market. Homes sit on the market for longer periods of time. With more homes on the market to choose from, buyers can afford to walk away from a deal if the conditions of the home are not to their satisfaction.

Most people are programmed to believe all they have to do is enlist with a realtor and their house will sell. Not so in a challenging market! Are you in a hurry to sell? Are you experiencing unusual delays and obstacles in selling some real estate?

Do you feel energetic obstacles might be affecting or preventing the sale? This article is about increasing your ability to attract what you want through an energetic approach. A real estate psychic advisor can assist you in selling in a difficult market. Discover how the assistance of an expert, you get what you want. Sell Your House FAST and Get Your Price!

It Just Won't Sell!

Are you resisting your own sale? Do you feel pressure to sell a property because you have to move? Are you under financial pressure? Has the house been on the market for an extended period of time? You put so much effort into the sale of the house and it just won't sell. For sure, doing the same old thing will not get you what you want.

Energetic Boat Anchors

If nothing has worked so far, it's time to look outside the box. Consider that everything is energy. You might be blocking the sale with your own energy. Are you worried about money? Are you ready to move on? Financial stresses, relationship challenges, health problems, emotions or death may develop energetic boat anchors. Release this energy and attract the right buyer.

Fear Kill Deals

Your family and friends have your best interest in mind, right? Their fears, judgments, loss, envy and competition energy may unconsciously block your property from selling. Are you leaving someone behind? Are you trading up to a better neighborhood? Does someone think you are making a mistake by selling your house?

Whether your own or not, fear blocks the flow of energy. Maybe you are afraid of not meeting a deadline. Are you afraid of market fluctuations or the loss of income? Is the thought of extra mortgage payments or lowering your price keeping you awake at night?

When your emotions are involved - and your bank account - selling your home can be stressful. Having a psychic real estate advisor, one who know what you are looking for, and who knows the "ins" and "outs" of the process, is a step you should not pass over.

When emotional blocks are released it clears an energetic path to attract what you desire. A skilled energetic expert provides the successful release of energy to manifest your goal. Give your property the energetic makeover. Sell your property quickly and profitably.

How a Real Estate Psychic Advisor Can Help You Sell FAST

Energy from relationships, previous owners, deceased relatives or contractors can impede the progress of your transaction. Even if you really want to move forward sometimes your energy can block its progress.

Clearing negative or discordant energies blocking the sale aligns your energy, the energy of the property, transactions or documents and the buyer to attract the desired results.

Benefits of an Energetic Inspection and Clearing

1. Property will sell faster!

2. Property will sell for more money!

3. Attract the right buyer!

4. Provides emotional release!

5. Resolves any problems ahead of time, so there won't be any surprises

6. No deal-killing well intentioned friends or family!

7. No more buyers getting cold feet because the deal isn't right!

8. Resolves emotional differences before the house goes on the market.

9. Fixes any problems or recognize them, using it as a negotiating tool!

10. Eliminates 11th hour re-negotiations based on the inspector's findings!

This can be a big selling advantage. As real estate market conditions continue to soften, you need every advantage possible to sell your home.

Don't wait with your fingers crossed. Put yourself in the driver's seat. Consider a real estate psychic advisor to present your property in the proper light.

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