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Ever known a "snapper?" No, not the fish. I'm talking about the "picture snapper," of the family. I know one very well. On a recent vacation our family picture snapper, turned our vacation into the wildest ever! With so many digital photos of us, looking back we never even knew how much fun we were really having - when we were having it!

It was truly the best vacation ever and the wildest fun we've had in years. Snorkeling, swimming with fish in clear blue water and sliding down the tallest slide I've ever seen in my life, this vacation was one I will never forget!

I especially won't forget it because of all the fabulous pictures we have thanks to our "picture snapper." Even though the memories will live forever within my mind, I knew I wanted to share them in a very special way with my closest family and friends. I decided to make a photo book with FamilyMemories.com. It was fast, fun and easy! I had complete control over all of the creativity - and I really enjoyed that. I was truly an artist at work! With Family Memories, the vast amount of digital photos I had, that were originally just sitting within my computer - not so easily shared - were truly brought to life.

With a few easy steps and a super user-friendly software system, I gathered up my favorite photos and arranged them in a photo album that turned out to be the best project I've ever done. It was great because I was able to develop the photo book at my own pace and in the comfort of my own living room, sitting at my own computer.

Once I completed the easy-to-follow instructions, I had created a professional photo book! Family Memories printed my photo book for me and I received a professionally bound, beautiful book - so wonderful that I just had to order a batch of them to give out to family and friends for the holidays.

Turns out that our wildest and most fun vacation ever still lives on in my Family Memories photo book and I am able to share the book time and time again with visitors and friends who come by.

Let's face it - there's not a better coffee table book you could find! It's our family and our memories. And I thank our picture snapper and most of all, Family Memories for helping me to create a photo book that will last a lifetime.

Easy, affordable and fun, my FamilyMemories photo book is the first of many that I will make now for each and every special occasion.

Thank you Family Memories!
~ K. Blanchard, Orlando, Florida

Thank you K. Blanchard for sharing your story with us! We are so happy to provide this service. We love to hear your feedback. Please write us and let us know how you enjoy our product and e mail us with any questions you might have! Visit us on Facebook. Happy Vacations, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and all else.

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