Comcast Provides All Local and Long Distance Domestic Calls for Free

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When cable TV first hit the scene over a quarter of a century ago, it quickly became the technology of choice for people everywhere when it came to watching TV. Since then the cable TV industry has seen a lot of changes, but one company - Comcast - has come through all of the obstacles with style, and now provides a truly world class service.

For example, now all of Comcast's TV programming is completely digital. This switch to digital TV provides a variety of benefits to the people who watch it, including a clarity of picture and sound that the older analog TV format simply can't attain. Digital TV also allows Comcast to provide features that make watching TV easier and more pleasurable. For example, Parental Controls allow parents to put safeguards in place that prevent their children from viewing inappropriate TV programming. The on screen program guide is also an invaluable feature when it comes to providing convenience for watching TV. That's because, Comcast offers over two hundred and seventy five channels in its largest programming packages, and the on screen program guide makes it easy to find out what's being shown on each of them and therefore makes it much easier to decide what to watch.

Another valuable feature that Comcast provides with all of its programming packages is ON DEMAND Pay Per View service. With ON DEMAND, you can choose from a variety of recent run movies and watch them when you want. You can also pause and rewind them to watch scenes that you missed or duck into the kitchen for some fresh popcorn. ON DEMAND combines the convenience of renting a movie from a store with the convenience of traditional Pay Per View.

If you want even more flexibility, there's always the possibility of using a digital video recorder that Comcast in can provide. With a Digital Video Recorder, you can record TV shows and movies no matter when they're on, so that you can watch them when you're ready! A digital video recorder also lets you rewind, replay, and pause live TV!

Another way that Comcast provides world class service is by moving beyond just offering cable TV. In addition to cable TV service, you can also get high speed Internet service, as well as telephone service, all bundled together in a single affordable monthly bill. The high speed Internet service will truly change the way you approach the World Wide Web if you've been limiting yourself to dial up Internet access. That's because a high speed Internet connection over cable can be up to one hundred times faster than dial up. At those speeds, the Internet comes alive with video, virtual reality games, and digital music. You'll also have access to complementary services that make the experience of surfing the Internet as safe as possible for your family and their computers.

The telephone services offered by Comcast in are also a great value for most people. That's because, unlike other phone service providers, all of the extras like voice mail, call forwarding, and caller ID are provided at no extra charge. To make the deal even better, Comcast provides all local and long distance domestic calls for free, and international calls will be discounted.

With all of these features and services, Comcast leads a revival in cable TV technology that not only saves a great deal of money for its users, but also offers a wide variety of extra services as well. This is the end of your search. Start Now. Switch to the top cable provider in .

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