Paula White Shines during Larry King Interview

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The show started with references to Paula Whites difficult upbringing but as King probed her for details it became clear that her life was guided by something far greater than the events of her past. The great accomplishments in her life as a much sought after minister and bible teacher are easier to understand when her attitude and mindset are revealed. She has brushed off the dust of a hard past and approached life with a positive and healthy view that she exudes and obviously cannot hide.

King interspersed his questions with video clips of her preaching and praising God. King asked questions as she looked him straight in the eye and answered without hesitation. She was virtually glowing when she recounted how she had been living an aimless and totally unproductive life before her experience with God in which she totally gave up her life to Jesus Christ.

To those who have been disappointed with mega pastors who recently seemed to dodge Kings pointed questions Paula provided a long awaited relief. She exclaimed that without Christ people are just wandering around aimlessly. With conviction she articulately carried King through her early conversion when her uncle read to her from the Bible after holding it up and telling her, "I have the answer to your problems and I have the solution to your problems." This was the new beginning for her; it would be a new life with Christ at the center and his words as her guide.

She has been extracting answers from that book ever since and throughout the interview made many references to its teachings. When Larry asked her why God didn't always answer prayers she could hear the sincerity in the question and she carefully answered in a way that could help anyone understand but also revealed her own deep conviction and faith. She said that God wants us to remember what he told us in the light even if we find ourselves in total darkness.

Paula was perfectly clear about what prosperity is all about. She said "I believe that prosperity has a purpose. And my definition of prosperity would be quite different than what most people probably imagine or think, because it is about wholeness which means nothing missing, nothing broken. It's not finances or materialism."

She intimated what the best Christian teachers have been saying for years. The idea that God would not call someone to a ministry that requires travel, building, supporting missions or ministry to the needy and not make provisions for it. Ministry to thousands takes a great deal more funding than a small local church setting. She added that God will provide everyone with the means to carry out their specific assignment in life.

She reminded King and the millions of viewers that there is a twenty five page financial report done by an independent auditing firm available for the whole world to see and posted prominently on her website. Paula's responsibility regarding this aspect of her ministry could be used as a model for other mega churches and ministries.

Paula didn't evade any answers and when King brought up her recent marital problems she replied with "You know that's a great question." Using a reference from the book of Ezekiel where God told the prophet..."I'm going to cause you to sit where they've sat, meaning this, Larry, I now have a greater compassion than I have ever had before to know what it is to have the pain of a broken marriage. And I'm not saying I have an answer or solution for everyone. But I am saying there is someone that I have a message and purpose for that God will bring in my pathway, because one thing I'm committed to Larry; is never to waste my trials in life, to find purpose in all things and especially the places of pain."

For those who trust God in real time on a daily basis there is little doubt that this committed woman of God will not waste any part of this trial. Those who see her through this will also see the fruit God has planned as a result of it. For Paula this will result in a deepening; for the rest of us it will result in a heightening of our understanding. God doesn't just deal with the way things should be alone but he is the Master of what is. He can redeem a good result from any situation in life. This is the faith of true believers and this is the faith of Paula White.

In addition to feeding the needy in poverty stricken areas of Appalachia her ministries provide support for missions and orphanages. On the domestic front she provides tens of thousands of Americans with Christ centered uplifting teachings and life changing advice. Her recent book entitled "You're All That" is the latest compliment to her ministry and is drawn from her experiences with poverty, abuse and difficulty and how she learned to overcome it all through her personal faith in God.

The book is based on the idea that people are living under the power of a false identity. Paula explained this to King saying " goes back to the core of who you are. I believe so many people live what I call that false identity; they are living according to other people's expectations, associations, their experiences, their labels in life. And they buy into that." She added "And you'll never be fulfilled or satisfied. Satisfaction comes from the inside out, so people keep gravitating from things externally to try to fill something -- get a man to complete them, get money to complete them, get a job to complete them and still find themselves frustrated. So "You're All That" goes back to really building a life from the core of who you're. And all of those things are layers. That's just your authentic life."

Paula presented herself as a Christ centered women of God on Larry King Live but that's how she has lived her faith before the entire nation. She is a classy lady that God has chosen to overcome a lot and pass her wisdom down to the rest of us. We should count ourselves fortunate to have her. She is at the least a revered sister to the faithful and a national treasure for the country.

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