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Some of the researchers are now stating that active ingredient in antimicrobial soaps and other skin care products causes' nerve damage. People purchase these skin care and personal care products thinking they're protecting themselves from infectious microbes. People think it makes them resistant to bacteria and viruses, which might be found in their bathrooms or kitchens, and hence they consider in the myths of using antimicrobial soaps to make a sterile environment in their own homes.

This myth has been well marketed by the makers of these products who, during clever publicity, spread the bend, which bacteria on the kitchen counter tops and in the bathroom are in charge for making people sick. But in fact it is that we do not live in a germ-free environment anyhow: the only thing that defends you from getting ill is a fit resistant system. We are uncovered to bacteria and viruses factually hundreds of thousands of times every day. It is our resistant system, which takes care of these threats and keeps us safe, not any of the antimicrobial soap.

But many people don't know this. They believe that they could make their homes spotless; that they could generate a level-4 biohazard dirt free room in their kitchen by using this antimicrobial soap, and that this would somehow guard them from getting ill. But the realism is that they are giving themselves nervous system disorders as in fact endorsing the propagation of anti strains of bacteria. And due to the nervous system injure caused by these antimicrobial ingredients, people are almost certainly speeding up Alzheimer's disease by using these products. No doubt, they are influencing the learning aptitude of their children by poisoning their nervous systems, too.

One more important thing is while throwing out all those perfumes and colognes the air is polluted for every one else who in fact has olfactory senses remaining. Maybe you can not smell yourself as your nose has been dulled from years and years of use of these parfum products, but everybody else could smell you! But in case you buy quality skin care products, perfumes and fragrance which is well reputed then you are on the right track. You may buy some of the quality product that really helps you keep germ free and enhanced.

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