5 Steps To Success

by Robin Buckley - Date: 2007-05-19 - Word Count: 623 Share This!


Learn how to market from the inside out. Here are 5 simple steps to show you how.

1) Be Passionate About Your Products and Services
The first step in successful marketing is to market something that you are passionate about. It could be a product or a service or even an idea. But you must find the passion within you to achieve the desired success.
If you do not find the passion and just come from a mechanical place, you will soon have dissatisfaction with the process and this will be conveyed in the minds of those to whom you are marketing. They may not realize your lack of passion consciously but the undercurrent of how you feel when you present will reach them on a subconscious level.

2) Connect to Who You Are in Order to Connect With Others
In order to connect with others, you must connect with yourself first. Often times there are blocks within us that get in the way of connecting to what is within. It is worth mentioning here that you do not have to create connection with other people, because that connection is already in place. Your only responsibility would be to work on any emotional blocks that may be getting in your way.

3) Live in Gratitude
Being grateful is the quickest way to abolish negativity. Become more aware of the things that you are grateful for, and be grateful for the little thing as well as the big things. You see, when you let go of negativity you will become a far more effective marketer. You will be able to shake off any negative response that you might receive from others easily.

I once heard someone complain about having to clean their house. My response to them was "When I clean my house, I am doing it gratitude that I am not homeless."

4) Be a Great Listener
It is not enough to be a good listener; you must be a great listener. Make listening a part of who you are. Listen without interrupting, and without the need to tell your side of the story. Listen with your inter ear and your heart. Listen with the intention to understand rather than listen for the chance to speak. Listen empathically so as to pick up on the feeling being communicated. Give the other person the opportunity to say everything they want to say. And remember, while you are listening; do not look for anything to be offended by.

5) Go Beyond Goals
It is not enough to just have goals. You must connect your goals with the reasons why you want to achieve them. Find within yourself at least 20 reasons why your goals are important to you. It will be easy to come up with 5 or 6, but if you work to find at least 20, you will go into your deeper self, and you will start the self connecting process.

Once you have your 20 reasons why, your values, your goals will now have a foundation. And you will see with more clarity why you are doing what you are doing. You will be rewarded by achieving your goals faster. When you begin to incorporate these steps into your marketing plan, you will begin to move into the next level. In that depth you will allow your passion to be your spokesperson. You will connect with people on a soul to soul level that will assist you in eliminating any doubt they may have had about your product or you. And when you speak from your soul you come from a place of sincerity and certainty. If it is infused with passion and free from all negativity that is when the world will listen and respond to your message.

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