DirecTV vs. Dish Network Deals - Decide Which is Best

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When you are looking to make a choice between DirecTV and Dish Network, it can be a difficult decision. As more and more people replace their TV aerials for satellite dishes, and make space for a new satellite TV system, competition for customers has meant that the best deals from the top satellite TV providers are hard to separate. Let's make a comparison of their latest offers and see which one gives best value for money.

Dish Network is a subsidiary of Echostar and together with DirecTV, they lead the pack when it comes to number of subscribers to their satellite TV systems. Throughout the last few years, they have matched each other blow by blow, each one trying to win the next game in this long-running match. This competition of course means good news for new customers. Dish Network and DirecTV offer free equipment as part of their deals, this means that a new customer can expect to get a multi-room system with DVR free of charge.

In terms of equipment quality, Dish Network and DirecTV are hard to split. The same goes for their customer service. In recent customer satisfaction surveys, both have come out well. So far then these two great rivals match each other, how is a new customer going to make a decision? Programming packages on the other hand are where they are different, and rightly so. There is no point in the two networks providing the same channel choices. It is in terms of range of entertainment and pricing that a TV customer can make a decision.

When it comes to programming it is possible to separate the deals that Dish Network and DirecTV are offering. Which one offers the best deals? It really depends on your idea of entertainment. If you are looking for range of packages and channels and better overall price, then Dish Network is the deal to go for. If on the other hand sport or local channels are important, then DirecTV might be the choice. Choose wisely though because you will need to sign up for a year or more and you want to make sure that you have the right package. Remember that is always easy to add packages later if you decide that you want additional channels. If cost is the main driver, it is difficult to beat Dish Network. Even if the difference in cost between Dish Network and DirecTV doesn't sound too big, the savings start to mount up when you calculate how much you would save over one year.

In summary, both DirecTV and Dish Network deals provide the consumer with bargains, discounts and specials. These change week by week and the top deal this week will not necessarily be available next week. It is always worthwhile doing some internet comparison shopping to find the one that is right for you. As long as you find a nationwide installer and equipment warranties, get rebates on programming packages, you can't go too far wrong.

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