Advice For a Strong Marriage - 5 Tips

by Marie-Claire Smith - Date: 2010-10-29 - Word Count: 544 Share This!

Every married person knows that marriage can sometimes be heaven and sometimes be . . . not so pleasant. The reason why marriages can so easily go from one extreme to the other is due to the fact that the couple shares so much of their lives with each other on so many levels.

These days, many married couples find themselves so busy that they have trouble devoting enough time to the marriage. Some days, it can feel like they barely even get the chance to spend any quality time at all with their husband or wife.

Still, even for couples who are not able to devote enough time to each other, each person influences the other on many levels. And, this is no surprise, given that marriage involves the sharing of finances, possessions, money, living space, cars, and (quite often) kids & pets.

If you are looking for advice for a strong marriage, here are 5 tips for a happier, healthier marriage:

1. Go to bed angry (if needed):
Conventional wisdom has always stated that if you are having a fight with your spouse, you should "never go to bed angry." And, of course, this is good advice if you can find a way to calm each other down and talk it out. However, sometimes things can go badly enough in an argument that a couple should consider going to bed without resolving the issue. Sometimes, it can be better to get some sleep and get a fresh start the next day.

2. Men, especially, require a bit of extra alone time:
This tip is for wives: on average, men need a little bit more "me time" than do women. Call it going into the man cave or call it what you will, but when your guy signals that he needs some space, don't take it personally - just let him go. Understand that he has different needs than you do. The best way to get him to come around again is to let him go off and do his thing for a while.

3. Listen for clues about what your wife needs:
This tip is for husbands: guys, most women after very indirect when it comes to saying what they want or need (if you haven't noticed). Most women have not mastered the art of being direct. They really do want their husbands to read their minds and guess what they want. Since men are not mind-readers, though, what you can do instead is to read between the lines. For example, if your wife keeps talking about a certain item in the department store, take it as a hint that she wants one of those things!

4. Make some free time for each other at least 3 days per week:
Couples who spend unstructured, free time together stay together. Try to make for yourselves some time where you are not watching TV, paying bills, or otherwise doing something you can put a name to. Just sit, relax and do a bit of chatting. See where it leads you.

5. Spend more cuddle time:
Cuddling, hugging and kissing leads to lots of good stuff in marriages. Not only does it release lots of positive, natural "bonding" chemicals into your bloodstreams - it also encourage more talking, relating to each other - and even to more sex.

Follow these 5 tips for a strong marriage.

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