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Are you looking for a certain type of bag which is appropriate for almost all types of items? Do you prefer to have one bag that you can reuse and recycle from time to time? You should consider the polyethylene bags, commonly known as poly bags. Many industries use these bags due to the different types available. They are frequently used in industries related to fabrics, apparels and the like to protect these items from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Poly bags have different types available to manage the variety of functions they are needed for. Among the more common types are the flat, gusseted, and reclosable bags.

The most popular type among all the poly bags is the flat poly bag. This is mainly used in industries like agriculture and landscaping, but is expanding into hospitals and banks. Aside from this, the flat type is also primarily utilized in the areas of electronics manufacturing and computer software shipping. It further includes mail order businesses and the like. Once the items are placed inside the flat poly bags, the bags are sealed through heating or through taping. There are also some instances when the bags are twist-tied to be closed.

Another common type is the gusseted poly bag. It was named so because this type has gusseted or expandable parts, which is either on the side or the bottom area. This design is made to be able to accommodate bigger items when the areas are expanded. In addition to this, it should be noted that the base area of the bags are durable. When you are buying the gusseted type, the outside dimensions should be taken. This includes the width, depth and length. The width is the measurement across the bag, whereas the depth is a measurement of the whole bag, including the expandable area. The length is the measurement from the opening to the bottom of the bag.

The third type is the reclosable poly bag. It is also known as Ziploc bags or resealable bags because of its characteristic. It is durable and at the same time reusable because you simply open and reseal it after every use. This is the most practical among all the types of poly bags. Under this type are the bubble bags, parts bags, and zipper top slider poly bags.

Aside from these specific poly bags, there are other special forms which are being utilized by other industries. Among these are the newspaper bags, postal mail bags, and mattress bags. There are also those who require special poly bags in the form of ice bags and garment bags. These types of bags require special thickness, length or width that is specifically designed for distinct items.

Everything that is purchased can come in special packaging like a poly bag. Since poly bags are widely available and durable, they are well suited to be reused making them an environmentally friendly product.

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Each of our resealable poly bags are made of 100% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) resin that meets FDA/USDA specifications. Side gussets expand easily to fit over bulky or irregular size objects. Tubular construction with a durable bottom seal make these bags the best on the market.

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