The Prescription Analyzer for Hearing Aids - How it Works

by Robert Hutchcraft - Date: 2007-03-27 - Word Count: 438 Share This!

Dissatisfied with your present hearing aid? Does it only work part of the time, or does it only clearly pick up half of the sounds you hear? Before you think about throwing it away, you should test your hearing device with a prescription analyzer to determine what steps to take, if your aid should be repaired or replaced.

When you make an appointment to test your hearing aid with a prescription analyzer, here is how it will work:

Live Speech Mapping

The prescription analyzer will measure the live speech of your spouse or any other family member whom you are having trouble understanding clearly. A probe microphone is placed between the hearing aid and your eardrum, and measures what the hearing aid is actually amplifying. Your hearing aid is then programmed while live speech is being amplified through it. The prescription analyzer measures the change in performance of the aid to accommodate what you were missing.

Video Otoscope

With the Video Otoscope, the analyzer can show you a picture of the of the ear canal as well as ear drum for purposes of looking for wax, disease, tumors, or perforations. This will determine if your ear is the issue.

Hearing Loss Simulator

The prescription analyzer enables the spouse or family member to hear how the person with the hearing loss hears. The analyzer can actually reproduce voices or music while adding the hearing loss. Experience first hand what your loved ones are living without.

The prescription analyzer can simulate what a hearing aid would do for the hearing impaired patient. At the time of testing you can hear exactly how the hearing aid will perform before you decide to try it.

Increasing Performance

Once the results are in from the live speech mapping, the hearing specialist can make programming adjustments, replace any necessary components, or make any physical changes to the hearing aid necessary to increase the performance of that hearing aid.

The prescription analyzer measures the affect of your own voice and tells exactly what to do to relieve any problems you are experiencing due to the sounds of you own voice.

The prescription analyzer measures the battery drain of your hearing aid, telling if your aid is draining too much current. Knowing if the battery drain is correct or not is one of the clearest insights into the overall condition of the aid. It can be determined what, if anything, needs to be done to improve performance.

So before you decide to throw away a hearing aid you think isn't working, contact a hearing specialist to see about a prescription analyzer for your aid. You may discover just a little repair is need to make your hearing device last.

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