Body for Life and Eating For Life

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Body for Life is a book by Bill Phillips that outlines a comprehensive diet and fitness program. It's all about losing fat and gaining muscle - and being apart of a diet program that doesn't leave you fatigued or feeling tired. The book has been ranked in the top 100 in multiple countries around the world. Bill Phillips is inspired, passionate, and sincere regarding this program there is no doubt about that. Recently he launched a new book titled Eating for Life that primarily focuses on nutrition. This book pretty much fans out the nutrition section of the previous book. The new book contains a guidance section and is followed by a full color cookbook section with a lot of recipes.

The widely popular eDiets has partnered up with the Eating for Life plan. This means that now the Eating for Life plan can be followed online. With this addition eDiets has added an excellent on line weight loss package to their already stacked team.

Body for Life Basics
The Body for Life diet program consists of 6 meals per day. They focus more on portion size rather than calorie counts. The typical meal might consist of one potion of protein, and one portion of carbohydrates. One day, each week you are given a cheating day and eat your favorite foods. The book provides lists of foods and sample meal plans - but you will need to work out a plan carefully to the follow the weight loss program. The exercise program is essential to the Body for Life program. The plan includes 20 minutes 3 times a week of aerobic exercise, and lifting weights for 3 times a week (45 minutes per session).

Do I Get a Body for Life?
I'm not going to lie to you and neither is the book, despite showing you many people who have used this program's before and after pictures - with the people going from flab to muscular, it takes a lot of discipline to not only lose fat but to build defined muscle mass. But for the users benefit Bill Phillips has brought different elements together and combined them into this single program. He has delivered these in a truly inspiring and motivational fashion. Motivation is one of the key elements to a successful program.

A Sensible Program
The Body for Life program is very sensible in all aspects of the word. It's not a very low calorie plan, and contains a substantial exercise component. This program will require you to restructure your whole life. You will need to have considerable motivation to succeed, be prepared to work hard. If you are currently over weight the fat loss should range in the region of 1-2 pounds per week. There is even a section in Body for Life dedicated to woman. It addresses hormonal issues, menopause, and a number of other factors.

Having to follow the diet of 6 meals per day can be extremely difficult and the author suggests supplements. Protein shakes such as Myoplex have their place because lets be honest with ourselves; who really has the time to prepare 6 meals per day? This is why shakes and bars can be a great convenience.

The Body for Life diet plan comes highly recommended and now with it added to eDiets family makes it a fantastic plan. However, there are alternatives to this such as Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle. These two programs are very similar accept Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle doesn't come with a bit of a bias towards supplement use. This could be one of the many factors that could lead a potential dieter in either direction.

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