Getting Back An Ex-GirlFriend You Broke Up With

by Teddy Shabba - Date: 2007-03-22 - Word Count: 374 Share This!

You broke up with her because the relationship had reached a point where the amount of pain you felt was greater than the amount of pleasure you felt or there simply wasn't enough pleasure in the first place.

Now, being single for a while you suddenly realize that perhaps she was okay after all.

In your mind, you forget all the reasons why you broke up and choose instead to remember all he good things you had together, usually sex, but sometimes not.

For many men, it isn't the lack of prospects rather the lack of quality prospects that has them running back to their ex.

Whether you realize it or not when you break-up with a woman the bar has been raised on the type of woman you are willing to accept in your life.

In fact you raised it just high enough so that your ex couldn't reach it.

Yet, what happens is if you lack the skills or the belief that you know how to attract women who can raise the bar even higher, after a certain amount of time the bar is lower.

In other words, you begin to believe that your ex really was as good as it gets.

Once it gets below where your ex-girlfriend was at you suddenly find yourself realizing you already know a woman who you have attracted and is above the bar.

That's right! Again your ex-girlfriend!

If she chose to stay at or lower her bar (self) because of the breakup then you more than likely can and will win her back (unless your fall was even greater than hers).

However, if she instead chose to raise her bar then you can't and will not be able to win her back.

Unless you have fallen so low and she has risen so high where now the tables have turned and she is in control and you are not.

In the end, it is important to realize that you broke up with your ex-girlfriend because at some level you want more than that and she can't give it to you.

If and when you get back together at a certain point again you will reach that certain level unless she becomes so strong from the break-up that she never allows you again to reach that level of happiness.

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