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Consumers use the Internet to shop, bank and even to cheat on spouses. With the advent and proliferation of dating sites and other new means of communication such as message boards and social networking sites, many cheaters are slinking onto the net to find a hot new flame. They are followed closely behind by the private investigation agencies hired by suspicious spouses and lovers to find the truth.

"The Web has given cheaters a whole new way to disguise your identity and seek out potential flings. Discovery is more difficult, because a can develop multiple relationships without ever leaving the house," notes John DeMarr, owner and lead detective of Cheaters Detective Agency a private investigation firm in San Diego which specializes in tracking cases of infidelity. "As an agency, we've begun to develop new techniques to catch this activity. Every time these men and women think they've found the perfect cover, we're right there ready to expose them."

Dating sites are a popular destination for cheaters. They often post anonymous profiles to attract local singles. With the help of suspicious spouses, investigators can sift such profiles looking for a likely match to a philandering spouse. "We can chat them up," says DeMarr, "tease out more details. Sometimes this is enough evidence for the wife or husband. Sometimes we arrange meetings. We're getting pretty good at finding these guys and girls out," DeMarr adds.

The advent and popularization of GPS technology (global positioning system) has also become a handy tool in the arsenal of private investigators. GPS trackers are sold cheaply on the open market and can be used to follow a suspect to a hotel, restaurant, bar or any other location where a rendezvous might take place. "Technology is constantly changing," admits DeMarr. "Cheaters will definitely take advantage of any new means that makes it easier for them to cheat. It's important that investigators utilize these tools as well." The technology cheaters use to cover their tracks could be the very thing that helps investigators uncover their cyber trail., and

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