BETA Records Bridges The Gap Between PHP And JAVA

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BETA Records, in anticipation of their upcoming release of Version 3 (V3) of their online music social community, has created a technological innovation that could ultimately allow websites to become more dynamic, creative and sophisticated while enabling companies to cut costs and reduce loads on servers needed in large-scale clusters.

Called "BETACache," the new technology resulted from BETA's PHP developers Rock Mutchler, Paul-Anton van Handel, Jon Bauer, Bernhard Schenkenfelder, and Eric Hollander.

"These guys may have devised the ultimate scalability breakthrough for large-scale communities around the world - it's like taking the performance of a Volkswagen and turning it into a Bentley overnight," says Chris Honetschlaeger, BETA Records president. "From Facebook down to the world's 20 million PHP websites, we at BETA are hopeful to finally give back to the PHP community we so admire."

PHP applications require a means of caching data from remote services, expensive database queries and other performance-killing operations. These problems are greatly magnified by Web 2.0's heavy reliance on numerous AJAX requests to the web application, and frequent web service calls to partners.

"BETACache could offer a superior alternative to the widely-used memcached, as well as opening up a tremendous amount of other features to PHP application engineers through JCS," says Rock Mutchler, BETA VP of Technology. "With the BETACache process in place, we can now use the leading technologies to solve the performance issues that developers face. At BETA we have modified Zend Cache in the Zend Framework, by adding our own custom object that makes use of the Zend Platform Java Bridge."

The Zend Platform PHP/Java Bridge is a PHP module which provides stable and high-performance access to a Java Virtual Machine. "Through this we're able to use the JCS package to provide an enterprise-class, pluggable and tunable distributed caching system written in Java," Mutchler states.

BETACache offers a clustered, distributed cache system which automatically caches objects in local memory, local disk, or on remote servers. The Zend Java Bridge allows high-performance enterprise-class integration between the PHP environment and JCS. "We are excited about future enhancements of BETACache to leverage Enterprise Java persistence systems in our clustered PHP application," Hollander said.

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