Plan A Party Around the BBQ

by Gail Leino - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 398 Share This!

Throwing a BBQ theme party opens a lot of fun and exciting options for an adult party. When one thinks of BBQ they often think of ribs or chicken, straight from the grill, dripping with savory sauce and lots of napkins waiting to clean off our sticky fingers. So, how best to translate this idea into a party? Have a BBQ cookoff of course! Plan a backyard match of Throwdown or Iron Chef where you provide the ingredients and they provide the know-how.

Divide your guest list into teams trying to anticipate the best mix possible. When I do this, I usually have the male guests handling the BBQ cook off and the female guests help prepare the side dishes. Nothing like a bunch of testerone to get the male competitiveness cranked up and ready to go. You can base the number of teams you have on the number of grills you have available. I prefer using gas grills just for speed factors, but you can use charcoal ones as well. Provide a cooler with exactly the same ingredients for each team. The ingredients will contain what most people would put in recipes in order to make a BBQ sauce. Ingredients like tomato sauce, garlic, brown sugar, mustard, orange juice, peppers, spices of all sorts, etc. Provide mixing bowls and utensils and paper and pencil for the teams to plan their way of attack. Have pieces of ribs, chicken, or any other BBQ fare available to make this BBQ theme party end with a fabulous feast. Give them a time limit to create their concoctions and while they are mixing and mastering the heat of the grill, as hostess you can regulate the music, the drinks, and putting appetizers out to be munched on. Also, you can get the table ware and salads ready for consumption.

At the end of the cookoff each team should have some meat ready to serve. Give them each a colored platter and have them serve their stuff up. All should sit down to eat and the women should have ballots upon which to note their preferences. At the end of the meal, one team is declared the winners and get bragging rights until the rematch. For an added incentive, make it clear the losing team has to do the dishes. There will be enough competition and intensity to be fun and great tasting too.

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