Portable Hot Tub - Yes Or No?

by Lynsey Leigh - Date: 2007-01-24 - Word Count: 366 Share This!

One of the main advantages of buying anything that is portable is that as the name suggests it can be moved from place to place. Unfortunately something that is portable is generally not as robust as it's static counterpart and a portable hot tub is no different. In this article you will find information on the advantages and disadvantages of a portable hot tub to help you make an informed decision.

So, you've decided to buy a hot tub and if it's designed to be put in one place and not be moved, you need to decide where to put it.

With a portable hot tub you have the freedom to easily change the location to anywhere around your property to suit you, the weather, the time of year and how much privacy you want.

So you don't have to put your hot tub in one location and you can avoid such pitfalls as leaves regularly dropping from trees in your yard into the water, which in turn will keep the water clean.

You should be able to purchase a portable hot tub wherever regular hot tubs are sold. You should find that because they are not as sturdy that they will be less expensive.

Moving House
Would you want to leave your hot tub behind when you move house? I'm guessing not! With a portable hot tub you can pack it away like the rest of your furniture and then still enjoy your hot tub at your new house, what could be better than that?

So are there any disadvantages?

Sure! Portable anything tends not to be as sturdy and the same goes for a portable hot tub. This just means you will have to be careful with it when you move it or pack it away. You will also need to bear this in mind if you are playing around in it as you don't want to break it or for anyone to get hurt.

So, with a portable hot tub you can put it wherever you want as often as you want and take it with you when you move house, not only that but it will cost less than a regular hot tub. But don't forget it won't be as sturdy.

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