Colour Crunch; Inject Colour Into Your Working Wardrobe

by Sarah Gray - Date: 2008-11-05 - Word Count: 571 Share This!

When it's drab outside during these winter months, we often wish we could inject some colour into our lives to cheer us up. We can so easily do this by way of our clothing but when we are so used to wearing our staple black, brown, charcoal & navy, many of us are overwhelmed by the mass of colours available to us.

So, let's investigate colour, take the plunge and add a splash of colour to our working wardrobe. By understanding the psychology of colour, you can apply it to help lift your mood, give you confidence and can even use it to your advantage by potentially boosting your career opportunities.

Most of us will have staple Navy Blue in our wardrobes. This colour provides a fantastic base for us all. But why? Well, navy is the colour that most conveys trust and order. When you wear navy, it allows you to be authoritative yet approachable. Think about the many police forces across the globe whose uniforms are blue! Therefore blue is for the work place teamed with a splash of colour in a blouse, top, shirt or tie.

Red is a great colour if you wish to appear confident and full of energy. So, when you want people to sit up and take notice, opt for a splash of red. Red is a good colour to add in a tie or top when chairing a meeting but to be avoided at a job interview as it could be interpreted as aggressive or impatient.  You'll do well to wear red on a Friday if your energy levels are low but doesn't do so well if trying to rock the kids to sleep!

Many of us have a basic white shirt or blouse in our working wardrobe. This is great because it portrays a fresh and clean image. But beware of white looking harsh and opt for a soft white, so as to soften the look and appear more friendly and approachable.  White can also be viewed as boring and predictable, so if I were you, I'd opt for one of the other colours we're discussing here before heading back to your white.

Yellow, by it's very nature, is a colour of activity and by portraying fun, can allow your personality to shine through. But, also a volatile colour, it's not a great look worn from head to toe or worn during a meeting, as it can distract attention. However, a yellow tie or cardigan is enough.

Green, being a colour of nature is dependable and calming; think about our paramedics in green. So if you have feelings of nervousness, try experimenting with shades of green to keep you calm. With it's camouflage properties, green can help you blend into your work environment, not good if you are after that promotion!

Pink is one colour many of us shy away from. But, at work it can portray non-threatening and gentle qualities. However, men can get away with wearing pink at work far more than women can. On a man, through a shirt or tie, it can show self confidence and creativeness, but on a woman it can appear too girly and damage confidence in your professionalism.

So here are just some ideas on injecting some colour into your wardrobe. Why not pop along to see your local style consultant to find more about how to wear colours which suit you best.

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Sarah Gray is a Senior Style & Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful Style Consultants. Located in Warwickshire, Sarah offers advice on all aspects of personal image such as colour analysis and style consultations. She also offers wardrobe weeding, personal shopping and corporate presentations.

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