Real Estate Construction Business Will the Indian Real Estate Market take you to the heights?

by SAMUEL JEYAKUMAR - Date: 2007-04-25 - Word Count: 434 Share This!

The Indian real estate market is growing at a whopping pace and has outrun the global real estate market growth. This has made major real estate investors to make a u-turn in their plans and turn towards India. You never know, what most of the global investors are doing at this moment, they might be in their discussion rooms, thinking and planning for their major investment in India and thinking where to land in India.

Should we go to Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, what about the over-burdened infrastructure there, what about the government there, what about the language and culture there? Similar questions loom above everyone in a thick black cloud. The answer is to get in anywhere and get in as soon as possible.

Most of the investment is around Delhi and Mumbai, however in the south, the growing demand is out performing the supply, and this appears to be a never ending opportunity for a true real estate businessman. One can say it's a bubble and will burst soon, but looking at the growth in the economy and the projections of major companies, it is very unlikely for a bubble to even exist at this moment. I would say, there is still a very big market and we have not seen the monstrous growth of the market yet. Hence, I would say there is no risk in venturing into the Indian real estate market for businessmen.

For the businessmen, there is a big opportunity in advertising online via India's fastest growing website This website was launched by internet market leader Sam's group of companies, who also own other leading websites such as and In a recent statement they said that they have a good reach among NRI's and have reported over 200% growth in their automobile market.

Moving on to the next topic, what about the individuals and the opportunity for the market as an investment? Well, that is still an opportunity, and I would surely mention that one should seriously think and put all efforts to get into this market and capitalize on the market. At the same time an advice for Individuals would be to diversify investments, although other investments like mutual funds and fixed deposits are less attractive, it is always recommended to diversify your investments to a wide extent, which will prove as safe. A tip would be to diversify your funds to the extent that you can manage.

Individuals can also register for free and advertise properties for free in! Buyers can view sellers contact details and contact sellers directly.

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