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Crystal Portrait Keepsakes has come a long way. Retailers now offer their customers the option to have their very own photo engraved inside a crystal. As Crystal Portrait Keepsakes become more and more popular, its uniqueness is gradually diminishing. However, the flexibility of designing your crystal is still available. It is up to the customer to make their Crystal Portrait Keepsakes unique and priceless.

Follow these three basic steps in designing your own Crystal Portrait Keepsakes.

Step 1. Establish a Theme. Instead of pulling out a photograph from your photo album, try to establish a theme for your Crystal Portrait Keepsake. The theme can be an anniversary, wedding, graduation, favorite sport, profession, movie, etc. The most popular theme for Crystal Portrait Keepsakes is anniversary. It's actually an excellent combination for 15th Anniversary Gift. However, any occasion would do well.

Step 2. Review Sources. Skim through your photos, memorabilia, year books, greeting cards, etc. Basically anything you have that you feel would have some information related to your theme. Separate the sources directly related to the theme you have selected. These sources are the key in making your Crystal Portrait Keepsakes absolutely unique and priceless.

Step 3. Brainstorm a Design. Review the sources gathered from Step 2. Try to narrow them down. Depending on the amount of sources gathered, chances are, you could not use all of them for your Crystal Portrait Keepsake design. So narrow it down. It is helpful to narrow down while brainstorming designs for your crystal portrait.

It is also important to make note of the size of the crystal portrait. The more text(s) or image(s) you include may sacrifice the crystal engraving quality. These three basic steps should give you sufficient information to design and create your very own unique and priceless Crystal Portrait Keepsakes gift. If you need more assistance with the design, EmJee Designs provides detailed Crystal Portrait Keepsakes design tips.

EmJee Designs ( provides a variety of different shapes and sizes of Crystal Portrait Keepsakes. Their staff will work with you in creating your absolutely unique and priceless Crystal Portrait Keepsakes.

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