Dependable Recumbent Bicycle Dealers

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Recumbent bikes place the cyclist in a laid-back, easy chair riding or reclined posture. Unlike conventional upright bicycles, recumbents supports the back and as the rider's legs are extended forward to pedals which are about equally aligned as the seat, they are more comfortable, efficient and faster. The visibility is also better, as the head and eyes face straight forward.

Recumbent bikes are not new and have been around since the mid-1800s or the early days of cycling. But it is only recently that they gained popularity. An adverse ruling by Union Cyclists Internationale (UCI) in April 1934, banning recumbents from all racing events, permanently changed the course of bicycle design. It wasn't until decades later in 1979 when recumbent enthusiast and founder of Easy Racers Recumbents (one of the first recumbent bicycle dealers) Gardner Martin re-invented this design, that Americans even knew such a two-wheeled bicycle existed.

Recumbents are relatively much more expensive than the mass-produced traditional bicycles. Recumbents start from $500 for the basic models and can go as high as $5000 for the computerized ones. Recumbents are largely underappreciated and remain in the realm of eccentrics. Given their low-production volumes and pressure relief saddles, recumbents are on the pricier side. This predicament gets accentuated by the fact that there are very few reliable recumbent bicycle dealers.

Thanks to efforts put by a gentleman named Vincent Cerf the inventor of the "Internet Protocol" you can now search the World Wide Web for the ideal recumbent bicycle dealers. Established recumbent bicycle dealers like S&B Recumbents, Easy Racers Recumbents, Rans Recumbents, and Lightning Cycle Dynamics have their websites that allow you to browse through their collection of recumbents. Most of these recumbent bicycle dealers offer secure online shopping. However, if you are not comfortable paying before test-riding, you can search their dealers section to locate one nearest to you. Recumbents worth recommending are computerized, which also implies they are more expensive, and typically range in between $2000 to $3000. Expect to pay at least $1200 for a first-rate non-computerized bike. This price range feature recumbents with high-quality components, good frame, pressure relief saddles and less weight.

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