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In order to make the best use of all opportunities to promote your online business, it is important that you learn how to use social media. The term appears at first sight to be one of those that are used by marketers to cover some form of advertising technique designed to screw the public through the use of such outlets as TV and radio. However, while the term may be unfortunate, the way they operate is going to sweep the internet by storm. That storm has already begun.

People who use social media tend to be of the younger generations, and they use them to share experiences, information and generally communicate with people they would otherwise never have had the opportunity to contact. An Australian can discuss her latest video with a British guy who is considering buying it, and an American kid can explain some PS3 cheats with a Chinese youngster who doesn't even know what PS3 means.

It is a means for people to communicate with one another about any subject under the sun from law to chemistry and train-spotting to drug taking. Examples of sites they use are MySpace, YouTube and Tickle. There are rarely barriers to the exchange of information and communication is by means of blogs, podcasts, forums and occasionally direct emailings. Even Wikipedia is an example of a social medium in that the public are able to make additions to it, and edit the content. It is a database of all knowledge supplied by every contributor.

There are a number of commonalities that make social media what they are. Generally, though not always, there is the opportunity to contribute to the site through the provision of content or feedback. Normal media, such as radio, TV and the press are generally associated with the provision of information in a one-way manner, whereas social media involve two way communication between individuals and groups of people, and even lead to the formation groups that have a common interest.

So what forms do these media take? If you examine the two words social and media in the context in which they are used in the term social media, the word social refers to a community or group of people, and media to methods of communication. The most common communication techniques used online with respect to social media are those that allow interactive mass communication such as blogs, which are the most common for of social media.

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