Where Can I Find A Tempur Pedic Style Mattress At A Reasonable Price?

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If you want the top of the line or the absolute best when it comes to mattresses Tempurpedic should top the list. Unfortunately, these mattresses have a rather stiff price tag that is prohibitive to many consumers. So while you get the quality, you also get a hefty price tag to go along with it. The question remains, where can you get a quality tempur pedic mattress, without paying such a high price?

There was a time when you could shop around in hopes of finding an exceptional deal on Tempurpedic mattresses. Recent changes in policy however have set industry standard pricing that eliminates the ability of stores to set their own prices. Tempurpedic imposed these changes in hopes that this would reassure customers that no matter where they purchased their mattresses they would be getting the same superior quality as well as paying the same price. Stores can also not add extra features or benefits in order to entice customers to choose them over other stores.

The only place where you can find a good deal on these mattresses these days seems to be directly from the dealer. There is no guarantee this will work however only the opportunity that retail stores that are company owned may have overstocked items they need to move and are willing in these circumstances to offer a deal.

The website will quote the standard prices so this is not a good place to go when seeking a bargain. It is much better to have a flesh and blood person with which to negotiate at any rate.

Ebay is another source for lower priced Tempurpedic mattresses. Be careful when dealing with Ebay however as there are people who would take advantage of buyers. There have been cases when the buyer ended up with mattresses that weren't Tempurpedic mattresses at all when all was said and done.

Check the seller's feedback and pay attention to how long they've been active on Ebay. This isn't to say that new sellers aren't great risks, which will turn out to be wonderful buying experiences, however you should deal with them with the knowledge that they are in fact a risk.

You could also opt to purchase memory foam mattresses rather than holding out for the high price tag of Tempurpedic brand mattresses. Tempurpedic is preferable though not always reasonable or realistic. You must do what your budget dictates in the end.

The problem here is that there are so many memory foam mattresses on the market today that it is difficult to know which one will provide exceptional value? The only way to know for sure is to test them out and do a little detective work of your own. Take a ride to your local mattress supply store and try out several different mattresses in order to find that one that seems the most comfortable to you. Some of them even offer a free trial period or a money back guarantee that allows you to return the mattress within a given period of time for any reason.

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