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A while back I was standing in a store checkout line waiting my turn when I spotted a magazine featuring Rene Russo on the cover. The then 47-year-old actress (The Thomas Crown Affair, In the Line of Fire, Get Shorty) looked better than ever and the article promised to share Russo's beauty secrets. Known for her complete candor, I couldn't resist a peek at what the star had to say. In no particular order, here's Russo's common sense approach to maintaining a youthful appearance:

Drink lots and lots of water

Don't smoke

Don't drink alcohol

Stay out of the sun

Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night

Limit coffee intake (she drinks one cup occasionally)

Wear your Frownies

Frownies? I puzzled at that one. Originally termed "Wrinkle Eradicators," I learned from the Frownies website that founder Margaret Kroesen invented the facial smoothers in 1889. After her husband's death, Margaret went to work for the B & P Company-a barber supply manufacturer. Eventually, Margaret bought the company and began producing Frownies. Now a fourth generation family-owned business, B & P supplies a worldwide demand for the product, as well as to a long list of Hollywood stars.

Frownies are adhesive, skin-colored patches about the thickness of a postage stamp. When worn consistently-every night for a minimum of three weeks-the product claims it trains facial muscles to lay flat. In other words, no more wrinkles!

I've had these two really deep frown marks between my eyes since about the age of twenty, so I ordered a box of Frownies. I figured if Rene Russo wears them and says they work, then they do, right?

Guess what? They do work. I've been wearing Frownies for two weeks now and noticed a real difference. My creases are much smoother and less evident, especially in the morning. This was such a pleasant surprise that I thought I'd pass the information along.

The B & P Company manufactures two Frownies designs-one for the forehead and between the eyes and the other is for the corners of the eyes and mouth. They come packaged 144 pieces per box and sell for $19.95 with a money back guarantee. Place your order by calling 1-800-648-6891, or online via their website:

Thanks Rene; I owe you one!

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