Turn your website visitors into subscribers and get them instantly organized

by Alexander Vasyov - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 394 Share This!

Did you ever think about creating your own subscriber database?If you are looking for an easy way to manage your subscription process, try putting subscription information right on your website. You will find it to be a simple and efficient way to get more subscribers, whose contact information will be stored in your contact management database.

WebAsyst™ Contact Manager includes subscription software which allows you to create Sign-Up form, place it on your website or blog page, and collect your subscribers' information in secure online database.

Why is it easy? All you need to do is to let visitors fill out their contact information directly on your website or blog page. Place text entry fields with "Submit" button and all entered information will be immediately posted into your dedicated database, which is available to you anytime, from anywhere.

How is it done? This is where Sign-Up Form comes in handy. Create your own custom information entry, known as a contact submit form, place a link on your web page or paste a piece of HTML code, and you will have a Sign-Up Form up and running in a matter of seconds. Sign-Up Form is fully customizable. Your form may contain just one field (e.g. E-Mail) or you can place on it as many fields as you like, e.g. First Name, Last Name and E-Mail like in the sample above. You can even create custom fields that would fit your specific purposes (e.g. Subscription Date).

Why is it efficient? By getting contact information directly from a subscriber, you do not risking losing an email or making a typo. Subscriber information goes directly into your contact database without intervention. The way contact details appear in your database is exactly the way a contact himself/herself has entered it.

Subscribers can be organized in foldersOnce your subscribers are in your Contact Manager database you can organize and manage them, i.e. create folders with subscribers and manage them any way you like (edit, copy, move or delete entries). You may ask confirmation from subscribersYou have an option to create a permission-based subscription - enable Double Opt-In function in your Sign-Up Form. This way a subscriber will receive an email notification with a link to confirm his/her subscription.

In addition to subscription management, there are plenty of useful functions offered by WebAsyst Contact Manager.

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