3 Easy Way to Get Edu Baclinks

by evytar andriani - Date: 2008-12-25 - Word Count: 394 Share This!

Education websites are the most trusted websites on the internet and if you've got backlinks on these types of sites it sends a message to the search engine spiders that if education websites are linking to you then you've got some good stuff going on.

In return your sites end up getting so much more love from Google and the other engines it will make your head spin.

What type of backlinks am I talking about? .EDU backlinks are the links that every internet marketer wants to get but all the guru's are doing everything they can to keep you from knowing the secret to getting these coveted backlinks.

After much thought and many guru's telling me not to reveal this secret I've decided to blow the door wide open and help you learn the true secrets to obtaining hundreds of these high quality .EDU backlinks to their websites.

This is couple easy tricks to get backlinks from .edu baclinks:

1. Join Edu Forum

Forums are a popular way to get backlinks for a new website and introduce your site to a community, Some webmaster spend a lot of time writing in forums because most sites will let you put a link in your footer. So if you have a link or two in your footer and you write a 1000 post that is 1 or 2 thousand backlinks.Remember to put your link only on signature do not post your link into discussion board. There is a lot of edu forum on the internet you can search them and join their discussion, this is couple forum from edu source:


2. Create Edu Blog

Many colleges and universities encourage professors and students to blog, which gives you
plenty of .edu opportunities, there are number of colleges and university that allow people to create their own blog, so create your won edu blog and get backlinks to your site, this is some list for you to use:


3. Comments on Edu Blog

Maybe this is a simple technique but many people using this technique to make good backlinks from edu site, just copy this text to google:

site:.edu inurl:blog "post a comment"

now you can get many edu blogs to leave a comment remember don't spamming their blog otherwise your comments will be deleted.

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