Women Unite! Discover The Powerful Secret Of Career Advancement!

by PAUL BOWLEY - Date: 2007-07-06 - Word Count: 449 Share This!

Talk about career advancement! Yes, it's well known that men get more than their share of money and power in the American workplace.

But it doesn't have to be that way . . . especially if you're making a career advancement and are committed to search for a new job.

And here's the most powerful secret to your career advancement: learning to speak assertively to your next employer. This simple change in your approach can position you for career growth that can challenge the glass ceiling.

Just take a look at the career advancement statistics for women. They'll help motivate you to master assertiveness.

1. Women make up about half the American work force.

2. Women hold about half the managerial positions.

3. Women earn just 73 percent of what men earn in the same jobs.

4. Women hold only 5 percent of the country's top-paying jobs.

5. Just eight of the Fortune 500 companies have women CEOs.

OK. The secret to changing this situation is learning to communicate more effectively. And that means more assertiveness.

Molly Dickinson Shepard recently wrote a book called "Stop Whining and Start Winning." She contends that women, who are said to come from Venus, need to learn the language of their Mars-based male counterparts.

"They must get in the game," she advises. "Otherwise they won't rise any further--and the statistics won't change. If women communicate more effectively, they will be heard.

"If a woman is not heard, she's going to be seen as passive and be marginalized," Shepard explains. It's critical that women feel recognized and valued."
Shepard goes on to point out that men really believe it when they say, "It's just business, it's not personal." They rip into each other during meetings and then go out for beers together. It's to women's advantage to be just as thick-skinned," Shepard concludes.

Now, regarding assertiveness . . . many people confuse it with aggressiveness. Assertiveness is a mindset that allows you stand up for what's right for you. But in a way that isn't offensive. Rather, it's a way of communicating that's persuasive based on your own firm convictions.

To put it another way, it's a certain boldness that puts your ideas and opinions forward in a way that the people you're addressing n grow from the exposure to your ideas. This is especially true if you are in the interview situation where your career advancement hangs in the balance.

If you remember that an employer is looking for someone he/she feels would make a good member of their team. Frankly, they could care less about what you used to do for someone as expressed in your work history. Here's a unique opportunity to come forward with inventive ways you can make a contribution to the organization going forward. Now, that's true assertiveness!

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